Andrew -- The Andrew6.3 Source Code (gzipped)

This is the source code for Andrew6.3. It has been compressed with gzip (GNU zip), which is more efficient than standard Unix compress. (We do not currently distribute a version compressed with the standard compress. If you do not have gzip installed, send mail to

Due to its large size (10.2 Mb after compression), the source archive has been split into six segments. You can FTP them from the directory /pub/AUIS/dist-6.3/ on, or use the following links. (If you download these with a Web client, be sure to use your Web client's option to store the files on disk rather than displaying them. In NCSA Mosaic, this is the "Load to Local Disk" menu option.)

You should retrieve all of them into the same directory, and then uncompress and untar all of them. The following csh commands will work:

foreach i (auis1 auis2 auis3 auis4 contrib doc)
gunzip < $i.tar.Z | tar -xvf - .

This will produce a directory tree which totals about 50 Mb. There will be a README file in the top level which contains instructions on building the system.

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