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15-410 Project 4 Options


For Project 4 you will modify and extend your Project 3 kernel. Your modifications will comprise two parts: virtual consoles and a system-monitoring utility inspired by the Unix top command.

Project 4 is due Wednesday, May 3rd, at 23:59. When planning your work, keep in mind the book report and the final homework assignment, which will be due on the last day of classes. Note that P4 grades will probably not be returned before the final exam; in the other direction, the exam will not test you on P4 material as such (for that reason and because not all groups will work on P4).

Project Handouts


  1. A buildable kernel tree, of course.
  2. In README.dox, a summary of design decisions encountered in your virtual-console implementation.
  3. In README.dox, a summary of decisions you made while designing your system-monitoring system calls.

Have Fun!

Make sure to have some fun with this project. You've earned it, right?

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