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15-410 Project 3 Hand-in

General Considerations

  1. Please make sure early that you have enough AFS quota to hand in your project (see below for location).

  2. We have had some questions about late-day strategy. This is the most important and conceptually challenging project in the class, and the remaining assignments all have a substantially lower effect on your grade than this one.

  3. Do turn in a kernel which runs. That is, when we boot it, it should automatically proceed to running the shell. There should not be any breakpoints in the idle process, for example. Our testing process will feed commands to the shell and observe what happens...this won't go very far if simics is stuck at the command prompt.

  4. Do NOT turn in a kernel which prints thousands of messages to the log file every time it runs. A reasonable amount of traffic is ok, especially if it is restricted to exceptional conditions. Or, if you're looking for a simple rule, most processes should launch, run, and exit without generating 20 lines of kernel log traffic.

    This does not mean you cannot have more debugging information, but it does mean you will need some way of controlling how much of it you show to us during grading. We won't grade you on whether your mechanism is crude or sophisticated, but you might benefit from the latter.

  5. When the deadline arrives, we will write-lock your hand-in directory. You will continue to be able to view the contents.

  6. If you need to take a late day for Project 3, use the Late Day Registration Page, by roughly 00:30 (it helps us if you do this as soon as you know, i.e., you don't need to wait until 00:30). Assuming your message is received, the next morning somebody will unlock your hand-in directory so you can again save your work. Of course, your request must be in accordance with the policy published in the syllabus.

Final Submission

  1. Your files should be placed in your mygroup/p3 directory. We should be able to
    cd .../p3 ; make
    to build your project. This means your files should not be stored in .../mygroup/p3/p3 or .../mygroup/p3/proj3 (to mention two popular naming schemes we observed for P1 and P2). Remember, if you run into "trouble with AFS", please refer to About your 15-410 AFS Space.

  2. Please run
    cd .../p3 ; make clean
    before the hand-in deadline. Once the deadline arrives, that bootfd.img will sit there consuming your group's disk quota forever.

  3. Please review the "General Considerations" above.

[Last modified Tuesday April 18, 2006]