15-719: Syllabus

Tentative Schedule

The schedule is also available as an ical file that you can subscribe to.

Lectures and projects can only be accessed by clients with a CMU IP address. CMU students who are off campus can use Cisco AnyConnect VPN to obtan a CMU IP (I'm told that the "Library Resource VPN" works best). Most readings require that you have access to ACM or IEEE's digital library. You will automatically have access if you are using a client with a CMU IP.

Lecture Date Lecturer Topics Notes Readings
1 Mon 09/08 Garth Introduction
Optional - Rackspace12, Shafii12 Armbrust2010, NISTdef2011, NISTref2011, Rackspace12, Shafii12
2 Wed 09/10 Garth and Majd Use cases incl. Apple iCloud, Online retail, Virtual desktops, CycleCloud and Obama for America, Mobile
Optional - Clarke12 iCloud, Vogels12, CycleComputing, Obama12, Clarke12, Vieira12
3 Mon 09/15 Garth and Majd Building a Carnegie Mellon cloud and Eucalyptus
Required - Nurmi09; Optional - Chase07 Nurmi09, Chase07
4 Wed 09/17 Garth and Majd Programming frameworks/models incl. HPC and MapReduce
Required - Dean04, Zaharia10; all others optional. Yu08, Low10, Dean2004, Zaharia10
5 Mon 09/22 Michael Kozuch (guest) Encapsulating computation
Barham03 required. Other readings optional. Barham03, Goldberg74, Smith05, Chen01
6 Wed 09/24 Majd and Alexey Scheduling Computation and Job and Task Scheduling in MapReduce
Requied - Tumanov12, Gulati12; Optional - Ghodsi11, Reiss12. Gulati12, Tumanov12, Ghodsi11, Reiss12
7 Mon 09/29 Majd and Alexey Multi-level scheduling & Yarn
Required - Hindman11, Vavilapalli13. Optional - Schwarzkopf13. Schwarzkopf13, Vavilapalli13, Hindman11
8 Wed 10/01 Garth Elasticity & Elastic MapReduce
Required - Vaquero11. Optional - Ferguson12, Rajagopalan13, Das13 (Sections 1-6). Vaquero11, Ferguson12, Rajagopalan13, Das13
9 Mon 10/06 Ashok Project 1 Discussion
10 Wed 10/08 Padmanabhan (Babu) Pillai (guest) Mobile
Required Satyanarayanan09, Ha13 (Sections 1-3). Optional - all other papers. Satyanarayanan09, Clinch12, Ha13, Simoens13, Ha13a
11 Mon 10/13 Mor Harchol-Balter (guest) Power Management for Data Centers
Required - Gandhi12. Optional - Barroso13, Chapters 3.1, 5, 8.3, 8.4, maybe 4.2, 4.3; Vasudevan11. Gandhi12, Barroso13, Vasudevan11
Wed 10/15 None Exam 1
The exam will cover all material up to and including Monday 10/13/2013 lecture. Practice13, Midterm13, Practice13answers, Midterm13answers
12 Mon 10/20 Garth Storage in the cloud, part 1
Required - Ghemawat03. Optional - Gao09, Beaver10 (Finding a needle in the haystack, Facebook photo storage), Abe10. Ghemawat03, Gao09, Beaver10, Abe10
13 Wed 10/22 Garth and Alexey Storage in the cloud, part 2 & Project 2 Introduction
Required - Alexey's slides. Alba14. Optional - Thereska13. Alexey14, Alba14, Thereska13
14 Mon 10/27 Raja Sambasivan (guest) Failure & outage stories, a case study of the AWS outage on April 21st, 2011
Required - AWS11, Benson10. AWS11, Benson10
15 Wed 10/29 Raja Sambasivan (guest) Diagnosis via monitoring & tracing
Required - Sigelman10. Optional - Massie04, Sambasivan11, Xu09. Massie04, Sigelman10, Sambasivan11, Xu09
16 Mon 11/03 Garth Reliability & fault tolerance
Required - Schneider90. Optional - Candea04, Viswanath10, Schroeder07. Schneider90, Candea04, Vishwanath10, Schroeder07
17 Wed 11/05 Michael Kaminsky (guest) Key-value stores
Required - Andersen09. Andersen09, Fan13
18 Mon 11/10 Garth Networking
Required - Greenberg09 (section 3), Mysore09 (sections 1-2). Optional - Jain13 (sections 1-4), Vasudevan09. Greenberg09, Mysore09, Jain13, Vasudevan09
19 Wed 11/12 Garth Geo-replication
Required - Lloyd13 (chapters 1-3). Optional - all other papers. Lloyd13, Azure11, Lloyd13a, Baillis13, DeCandia07
20 Mon 11/17 None class cancelled
21 Wed 11/19 Andy Pavlo (guest) Databases in the Cloud
22 Mon 11/24 Garth Tail latency & interference
Required - Dean13. Optional - Xu13. Dean13, Xu13
23 Wed 11/26 None No class (Thanksgiving break)
24 Mon 12/01 Garth Security
Required - Huang15. Optional - Ristenpart09, Anthes10. Tumanov14-Project2, Huang15, Ristenpart09, Anthes10
Wed 12/03 None Exam 2
Exam 2 will cover all material after Exam 1. Practice13, Answers13

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