15-719 Advanced Cloud Computing: Syllabus

Tentative Schedule

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Lecture Date Lecturer Topics Required readings Optional readings Notes
1 Wed 01/17 All Introduction and Use cases
Armbrust2010, NISTdef2011 NISTref2011, Rackspace12, Shafii12, DeanSOSP2015, Cano2016, Vieira12, Vogels16, Clarke12, reiss12
2 Mon 01/22 Greg Elasticity
Vaquero11 Ferguson12, Rajagopalan13, Das13 Only Sections 1-6 from Das13 are suggested. Project 1 is introduced and released.
3 Wed 01/24 Majd and George Building a Carnegie Mellon cloud and Openstack
sotomayor2009 Nurmi09, Chase07, OpenStack16
4 Mon 01/29 Majd and George Programming Models and Frameworks I
Dean2004, Zaharia10 Yu08, Low10, Abadi16 Project 1 is due. Project 2-1 is introduced.
5 Wed 01/31 Michael Kozuch (Intel Labs, guest) Encapsulating computation
Barham03 Felter14, Goldberg74, Chen01, Agesen10, Wang16 Project 2-1 released.
6 Mon 02/05 George Storage in the cloud I
Ghemawat03 Beaver10, Abe10
7 Wed 02/07 Greg and George Storage in the cloud II
Alba14 Thereska13, Gao09, Harter16, Ren13 Project 2-1 due. Project 2-2 released.
8 Mon 02/12 Michael Kaminsky (Intel Labs, guest) Key-Value Stores
Andersen09 Fan13 Project 2-3 is introduced.
9 Wed 02/14 Padmanabhan (Babu) Pillai (Intel Labs, guest) Mobility and the Cloud
Satyanarayanan09 Clinch12, Ha13, Simoens13, Ha13a Only Sections 1-3 from Ha13 are suggested. Project 2-2 due. Project 2-3 released.
10 Mon 02/19 Greg Programming Models and Frameworks II
Low10 Zaharia10, Yu08, Abadi16
11 Wed 02/21 Greg Scheduling I
Gulati12 Tumanov16, Ghodsi11, Reiss12
12 Mon 02/26 Greg and Majd Scheduling II
Vavilapalli13, Hindman11 Schwarzkopf13, Karanasos15 Project 2-3 due.
13 Wed 02/28 Rodric Rabbah (IBM Research, guest) Function as a service
Baldini2017 chapter Baldini2017 paper Videos - Compose1, Compose2, Compose3, Composer, Hello
14 Mon 03/05 All Review
Wed 03/07 All Exam 1
Practice13, Practice14, Practice16, Practice17 Practice13 Solution, Practice14 Solution, Practice16 Solution, Practice17 Solution Exam covers all material up to and including the week before the exam. Try taking the Practice exams without looking at the answers.
15 Mon 03/12 None No class (spring break)
16 Wed 03/14 None No class (spring break)
17 Mon 03/19 All Exam 1 debrief
Project 3 introduced; slides available here
18 Wed 03/21 Justine Sherry (CS Professor, guest) Middleboxes as a Service
Sherry2012, Palkar2015 Project 3-1 released.
19 Mon 03/26 Greg Diagnosis via monitoring & tracing
Sambasivan16 Massie04, Sigelman10, Chow14
20 Wed 03/28 Majd Tail latency & interference
Dean13 Xu13 Project 3-2 released. Project 3-1 due.
21 Mon 04/02 George Reliability & fault tolerance
Schneider90 Candea04, Vishwanath10, Schroeder07
22 Wed 04/04 Greg Geo-replication
Lloyd13 Azure11, Lloyd13a, Baillis13, DeCandia07 Only Chapters 1-3 from Lloyd13.
23 Mon 04/09 George Networking
Greenberg09, Mysore09 Jain13, koponen10, Vasudevan09, Singh15 Only Section 3 from Greenberg09, Sections 1-2 from Mysore09, Sections 1-4 from Jain13.
24 Wed 04/11 Bryan Parno (ECE Professor, guest) Formal Verification of Cloud Services
Hawblitzel2014 Hawblitzel2015, Bhargavan2017
25 Mon 04/16 Alex Glikson (CS staff engineer, guest) Kubernetes
26 Wed 04/18 Marcus Fontoura (Microsoft, guest) Resource Central
Cortez2017 Gao2014, Lo2015, Wu2016, Crankshaw2017
27 Mon 04/23 Greg Exploiting Spot Pricing
Harlap17 Harlap18, Sharma16
28 Wed 04/25 George Supercomputing
Neely2014 Putnam2015, Caulfield2016, Jouppi2017
29 Mon 04/30 All Review
Wed 05/02 All Exam 2
30 Mon 05/07 None No class meeting
31 Wed 05/09 None No class meeting

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