15-110: Principles of Computing

Principles of Computing (15110) is a course in fundamental computing principles for students with little to no computing background. Programming constructs: sequencing, selection, iteration, and recursion. Data organization: arrays and lists. Use of abstraction in computing: data representation, computer organization, computer networks, functional decomposition, and application programming interfaces for graphics. Use of computational principles in problem-solving: divide and conquer, randomness, and concurrency. Classification of computational problems based on complexity, non-computable functions, and using heuristics to find reasonable solutions to complex problems. Social, ethical and legal issues associated with the development of new computational artifacts will also be discussed. Prerequisites: none.

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Meeting Times

Lecture 1Kelly Rivers (krivers)MWF 3:20-4:10pm ESTZoom
Lecture 2Kelly Rivers (krivers)MWF 4:30-5:20pm ESTZoom
Recitation A/H-RemoteNeha (npc) and Tara (tarap)R 9:10-10:00am ESTZoom
Recitation B/I-RemoteDiaj (dtoussai) and Enock (emaburi)R 10:30-11:20am ESTZoom
Recitation C-RemoteClaudia (cosorio)R 11:40-12:30pm ESTZoom
Recitation D/J-RemoteLaura (lkoye) and Meghan (mamcgraw)R 12:50-1:40pm ESTZoom
Recitation E/K-RemoteAmit (amitnag)R 2:10-3:00pm ESTZoom
Recitation F-RemoteAmit (amitnag) and Neeraj (neerajsa)R 3:20-4:10pm ESTZoom
Recitation G/L-RemoteAnagha (asrikuma) and Mahima (mshanwar)R 5:50-6:40pm ESTZoom
International RecitationRachel (rachelt1)R 10-10:50pm ESTZoom
Recitation A/H-InPersonLauren (leheller) and Sarah (sstaplet)R 9:10-10:00am ESTGHC 4307
Recitation D/J-InPersonFrank (frankh)R 12:50-1:40pm ESTNSH 3305
Recitation E/K-InPerson-1Abhi (adevarap)R 2:10-3:00pm ESTNSH 3305
Recitation E/K-InPerson-2Nazanin (nazimi)R 2:10-3:00pm ESTWEH 5403
Recitation G/L-InPersonIris (ilu1)R 5:50-6:40pm ESTWEH 5403

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