15-110: Principles of Computing

Principles of Computing (15110) is a course in fundamental computing principles for students with little to no computing background. Programming constructs: sequencing, selection, iteration, and recursion. Data organization: arrays and lists. Use of abstraction in computing: data representation, computer organization, computer networks, functional decomposition, and application programming interfaces for graphics. Use of computational principles in problem-solving: divide and conquer, randomness, and concurrency. Classification of computational problems based on complexity, non-computable functions, and using heuristics to find reasonable solutions to complex problems. Social, ethical and legal issues associated with the development of new computational artifacts will also be discussed. Prerequisites: none.

Meeting Times

Lecture 1Kelly Rivers (krivers)MWF 4-4:50pm EDTZoom
Lecture 2David Touretzky (dst)MWF 5:20-6:10pm EDTZoom
Recitation A/I-RemoteAbhi (adevarap) and Jonan (jseeley)R 9:20-10:10am EDTZoom
Recitation B/J-RemoteLaura (lkoye) and Mahima (mshanwar)R 10:40-11:30am EDTZoom
Recitation C/K-RemoteDiaj (dtoussai) and Neha (npc)R 12:00-12:50pm EDTZoom
Recitation D/L-RemoteAnagha (asrikuma) and Claudia (cosorio)R 1:20-2:10pm EDTZoom
Recitation E/M-RemoteEnock (emaburi) and Nazanin (nazimi)R 2:40-3:30pm EDTZoom
Recitation F/N-RemoteAshley (awzhang) and Tara (tarap)R 4:00-4:50pm EDTZoom
Recitation G/O-RemoteEvans (evansc) and Neeraj (neerajsa)R 5:20-6:10pm EDTZoom
Recitation H/P-RemoteHita (rkambham) and Tyler (tjlowe)R 6:40-7:30pm EDTZoom
International Recitation XAmanda (lianglij) and Rae (yirandua)R 10-10:50pm EDTZoom
International Recitation YFrank (frankh)R 8:10-9pm EDTZoom
Recitation A/I-ClusterIris (ilu1)R 9:20-10:10am EDTGHC 4307
Recitation B/J-ClusterRachel (rachelt1)R 10:40-11:30am EDTGHC 6115
Recitation C/K-Cluster-1Elyana (erhurst)R 12:00-12:50pm EDTGHC 6115
Recitation C/K-Cluster-2Kailas (kshekar)R 12:00-12:50pm EDTGHC 4215
Recitation D/L-Cluster-1Meghan (mamcgraw)R 1:20-2:10pm EDTGHC 4215
Recitation D/L-Cluster-2Amit (amitnag)R 1:20-2:10pm EDTCYH B6
Recitation E/M-ClusterMeghan (mamcgraw)R 2:40-3:30pm EDTGHC 4401
Recitation F/N-ClusterFlako (daniells) and Lauren (leheller)R 4:00-4:50pm EDTGHC 4401
Recitation G/O-Cluster-1Sarah (sstaplet)R 5:20-6:10pm EDTGHC 6115
Recitation G/O-Cluster-2Kailas (kshekar)R 5:20-6:10pm EDTGHC 4401
Recitation H/P-ClusterLauren (leheller)R 6:40-7:30pm EDTGHC 4401

Office Hours

All students are encouraged to use office hours to learn and receive help on homework assignments! Note that most help sessions take place online, usually via Zoom.

TA Hours5-8pm5-8pm, 10-11pm5-8pm, 10-11pm5-8pm, 10-11pm5-8pm12-5pm, 10-11pm2-7pm, 10-11pm
Collaboration Hours10-11pm6:30-7:30pm3-4pm
Instructor Hours10-11am (krivers)2-3:30pm (dst)1-2pm (krivers)3:30-5pm (dst)2-3pm (krivers)