Poster No. Name Title Mentor Grade
1 Eleanor Avrunin and Max Korein Path Planning with Varying Unknown Cost Functions B
2 Chen Chen and Jiacheng Hong Malware authorship attribution H
3 Xinjie Di Text Classification on Newgroups data H
4 Greydon Foil Augmenting Random Forest Texture Classification with Range Data B
5 Qin Gao Optical character recognition with Naive Bayes and Hidden Markov Model B
6 Matt Gardener Unsupervised Dependency Parsing with Linguistic Constraints Y
7 Geoffrey Hasker An Improved Model of the Dynamics of US Dollar Interest Rate Term Structure B
8 Hongyi Xin and Pinjie Huang Driving Habit Predictor for Electrical Vehicle H
10 Donghyuk Lee Optimal Page Partitioning Policy with Multiple Latency DRAM by using SVM Z
11 Jiunn Haur Lim Predicting User Ratings using Matrix Factorization B
13 Austin Matthews Inducing word-level alignments from parallel corpora Y
14 Yajie Miao Subspace Mixture Model for Cross -lingual Speech Recognition Y
15 Frank Mokaya MARS: A Muscle Activity Recognition System Using Inertial Sensors Z
16 George Motanez Automated Discovery of Political and Religious Bias in “Neutral” Media Sources Y
17 Ronghuo Zheng and Niting Qi Comparison of Neural Networks and Regression Models to Predict Risk from Financial Reports B
18 Stephen Siena Face Recognition with Ensembles of Random Linear Projections Y
19 Adam Stambler and Alok Sharma Unsupervised 3D Object Discovery B
20 Yang Ying Detection of activated brain areas and activation patterns of face functional localizers in fMRI Y
21 Jun Zhao Structure Learning in Bayesian Networks H
22 Jifu Zhou Application of Apprenticeship Learning in Speed Control for Autonomous Driving B
23 Xinjilefu and Xi Tan System Identification for Model Based Reinforcement Learning B
24 James Koppel Probabilistic Inference of Dynamic Types in Typestate-Oriented Languages Z
25 Will Frankenstein and Xintong Zhang Feature Split for Co-Training Y
26 Michael Shomin Determining if a dynamically stable robot is being disturbed B
27 Jin Kye Kim and Soonho Kong Achieving Load Balancing of HDFS Clusters Using ML Methodologies Z
28 Juefei Xu and Chongzhe Li Acceleration-Based Human Gait Recognition Using Android Smartphone Z
29 Kenton Murray and Naoki Orii Automated Essay Scoring Y
30 Andrew Chambers On-line learning of quadrotor dynamics model parameters from flight data B
31 Anvesh Komuravelli and Ashiqur Khudabukhsh Predicting Theme-based Image Categories Y
32 Peter Schulam and Shourabh Rawat Unsupervised Feature Learning for Audio-based Multimedia Event Detection using Depp Belief Networks H
33 Zaid Md Abdul Wahab Sheikh and Yulia Tsvetkov Improving Decision Trees for Acoustic Modeling Y
34 Sunayana Sitaram Automatic detection of prosodic stress in childrens stories Y
35 Emre Can Kara Using Thermostatically Controlled Loads as Ancillary Service Providers to the Power Grid: A Reinforcement Learning Approach Z
36 Alex Limpaecer Machine Learning Drawings of Humans Y
37 James Lee Rock Layer Segmentation Z
38 Matthew Baumgartner and Philip Davidson Feature selection for computational drug screening H
39 Shervin Javdani and Juan Pablo Mendoza Temporal Event Detection H
40 Thi Hoang Ngan Le and Abhinandan Krishnan Shape Prior based Segmentation using Sparse Representation and Level Set H
41 Vicki Cheung Movie Recommendation Using Collaborative Filtering H
42 Pengcheng Zhou Learning to Detect Natural Image Boundaries With Topological Constraints H
43 Ada Zhang Finding nerve fascicles in ultrasound Z
44 Sankalp Arora Contextual Active Laser Control in a UAV for Safety and Landing Zone Evaluation using Reinforcement Z
45 Athula Balachandran Predicting User Engagement from Internet Based Video Streaming Session Parameters H
46 Waleed Ammar A language independent transliterator Z
47 Nicolas Feltman and Alex Beutel 3D Scene Construction with Noisy Data using Spectral Methods B
48 Bin Liu User-Oriented Online Learning for Capturing User Preferences in Recommender Systems H
49 Andrew Fox How NBA Drafting Affects Wins Z
50 Ethan Minogue Region-based segmentation H
51 Daniel Loret Forward velocity prediction of a rover with plowing capabilitis B