The TeRK project is a collaborative effort which benefits greatly from the contributions of our partners at various companies and institutions.

Google - Project funding.

Stewart Tansley / Microsoft - Project funding.

Intel - Project funding.

NASA/Ames Autonomy - Project funding.

Xilinx - Donation of embedded development software and FPGAs for initial robot build.

Rich LeGrand / Charmed Labs - Development of the embedded electronics for TeRK, including a custom FPGA-ARM9 board with a specialized high-speed communications bus and the robotics daughterboard.

Peter Allen / Columbia University,
Daniela Rus / Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Holly Yanco / University of Massachusetts Lowell, and
David Patrick / Ohlone College - Development and testing of robotics curriculum using the PER platform.

Zach Dodds / Harvey Mudd College - Development and testing of TeRK curriculum.

Paolo Fiorini / University of Verona - Recipe and curriculum development.

Mark Lotter and Skip Shelly / LotterShelly Interaction and graphic design.

Kevin Crowley / University of Pittsburgh UPCLOSE/LRDC - Development and execution of a formal educational evaluation process to measure the efficacy of the TeRK package in college and pre-college educational settings.

Michel Xhaard / France - Linux driver development for webcams.


Sally Ride / Sally Ride Science

Telle Whitney / Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology

Columbia University Robotics Group
Columbia University Robotics Group