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SCS Academic Programs are under Jeannette's "Wing" as New Associate Dean
1 November 1999

SCS Honors Cobb, Forsyth and Mazaitis At Its Annual Staff Recognition Celebration
6 May 1999

SCS's Goldstein and Thrun Receive NSF Career Development Awards
5 May 1999

Todd Mowry's Sloan Fellowship for Work in Computer Architectures Rooted in Experience at University's Governor's School for the Sciences
15 March 1999

Computer Science Lauds Faculty and Staff
15 March 1999

Virtual Mission to Antarctica Enhances High School Science: Big Signal Web Site Allows Students to Follow Nomad in its Search for Meteorites
5 February 1999

Mobile Robots Hustle Through Maze to Win Carnegie Mellon Robot Programming Contest, Then Beat Human Challengers
10 December 1998

Andrew Moore is First Recipient of the Habermann Chair in
Computer Science

19 November 1998

SCS Researcher Helps Build Software to Guide Future Spaceships
5 November 1998

Satyanarayanan Receives Simon Award for Teaching
Excellence in Computer Science

29 April 1998

Whittaker Receives Achievement Award, $15,000 Grant from
"Design News"

12 March 1998

Robotics Institute's Asbestos Removal Robot Places Second in National Design Competition
6 March 1998

$20 Million Construction Project Planned for
School of Computer Science

12 February 1998

"Good Luck, a Good Education and Fortunate Accidents"
Net Schock Prize for Hillman University Professor Dana Scott

7 November 1997

Carnegie Mellon Is Part of a Consortium Building a Robot
To Inspect the Damaged Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station

September 1997

First Recipient of the Newell Chair in Computer Science
University Memorandum: Office of the President
14 September 1997


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