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Quantum Computing Expert Peter Shor Receives Carnegie Mellon's 1998 Dickson Prize in Science
5 November 1999

Carnegie Mellon Software Program Reveals Unique Aspects Of Every Major League Baseball Team Since Game's Inception
20 October 1999

Distinguished Computer Scientist Randal E. Bryant Is Named Head of Carnegie Mellon's Computer Science Department
1 September 1999

Carnegie Mellon Professor Named Co-Chairman Of President's Information Technology Advisory Committee
18 August 1999

Carnegie Mellon's Center for Automated Learning and Discovery Receives $100,000 from Microsoft for Graduate Fellowships
17 August 1999

Enhanced Robot Performance, Safety and Repair to Be Addressed At International Conference on Robotics at Carnegie Mellon
16 August 1999

Carnegie Mellon Scientists Orchestrate an International Video Conference Demonstrating Spontaneous Speech-to-Speech Translation in Six Languages
22 July 1999

NASA Looks For New Ways to Harness Sun's Energy for Earth and Space
29 June 1999

DOE's Federal Energy Technology Center and DOD's Pentagon Renovation Office to Test BOA Automated Asbestos Removal Robot
21 June 1999

PIONEER Robot Is Dedicated At Chernobyl Sarcophagus
2 June 1999

Networking Pioneer James Morris Named New Dean of School of Computer Science
1 June 1999

Carnegie Mellon Will Host Public Meeting on Community Technology Problems and Solutions
3 May 1999

State of the Art in Robotics Worldwide Is Focus of International Meeting Sponsored by American Nuclear Society and Carnegie Mellon
16 April 1999

Computer Science Professor Tom Mitchell Named Carnegie Mellon's Fredkin Professor of AI and Learning
8 April 1999

New Haptic Interface for Computers Gives Users the Sense of Touch
5 February 1999

Carnegie Mellon Researchers Will Unveil Magnetic Levitation-Based Haptic Interface for Computers at ASME Symposium in Anaheim
18 November 1998

Carnegie Mellon Robot Prepares for Antarctica By Practicing
Its Moves in a Local Freezer

7 October 1998

Carnegie Mellon Spins Off a Company and Names a
President To Commercialize Cognitive Tutors for Education Market

6 October 1998

Carnegie Mellon Partners with Johns Hopkins and MIT In NSF Center to Foster Robotic and Computer-Aided Surgery
24 September 1998

Carnegie Mellon Study Reveals Negative Potential of Heavy Internet Use on Emotional Well Being
31 August 1998

Carnegie Mellon's Champion Robotic Soccer
Team Leaves for Paris June 30 to Compete in
RoboCup 98

29 June 1998

Carnegie Mellon Robotic Helicopter Will Help NASA Scientists To Explore a Remote Arctic Crater and Learn More About Mars
16 June 1998

Carnegie Mellon Researchers Develop the Nation's First Robotic Tour Guide For the Dinosaur Hall at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum of Natural History
22 May 1998

Symposium on AI and CS in the 21st Century To Mark the 60th Birthday of SCS' Dean Reddy
12 May 1998

Carnegie Mellon Receives $1.5 Million from Lockheed Martin to Develop Mobile, Wearable Computer Systems for Aircraft Maintenance and Repair
18 November 1997

Carnegie Mellon Names Veteran Mobile Robot Building to Direct the National Robotics Engineering Consortium
5 November 1997

The $100,000 Fredkin Prize for Computer Chess To Be Awarded To Deep Blue's Inventors at AAAI '97
25 July 1997

Carnegie Mellon Reseachers Have Automated Buses, Cars and a Minivan For an Automated Highway System Demonstration in San Diego
21 July 1997

Carnegie Mellon Summer Institute for AP Computer Science Teachers Will Focus on C++ Use and Teaching, and Developing Skills to Recruit and Retain Women in the Field
2 July 1997

Carnegie Mellon's Nomad Robot Begins 125-Mile Trek in Chilean Desert, Teleoperated for Part of its Trip by Visitors to U.S. Science Centers
18 June 1997

First Computer-Aided Surgical Navigation System for Hip Replacements to be Demonstrated in Operation at Pittsburgh's Shadyside Hospital
10 June 1997

Carnegie Group Endowed Professorship Awarded To Carnegie Mellon Computer Scientist
2 June 1997

If Deep Blue Beats World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov, Its Creators Will Be Eligible for Carnegie Mellon's $100,000 Fredkin Prize
9 May 1997

Director of Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute Is Elected to the National Academy of Engineering
20 March 1997

Top Carnegie Mellon Computer Scientist Will Demonstrate New, Interactive Synthetic Video Interview Technology at ACM 50th Anniversary Celebration
3 March 1997

Randal E. Bryant Awarded Carnegie Mellon's President's Professorship of Computer Science
7 February 1997

Carnegie Mellon and Digital Equipment Corp. Collaborate on $7.5 Million Project to Develop A New Infrastructure for High-Performance Desktop Computing and Video Communication
3 February 1997

Carnegie Mellon and Digital Equipment Corp. Collaborate on $7.5 Million Project to Develop A New Infrastructure for High-Performance Desktop Computing and Video Communication
3 February 1997

Tool Automatically Finds Flaws In the User Interface of a Computer System
6 December 1998

Carnegie Mellon's Wactlar Awarded an Endowed Chair, The Alumni Research Professorship of Computer Science
28 June 1996

Carnegie Mellon Researchers Receive $2.2 Million To Develop Architecture for a Table-Top-Sized Robotic Factory
19 January 1996

Carnegie Mellon to Host Conference on Making Academia A Supportive Environment for Women in Engineering and Science
5 October 1995

Carnegie Mellon Breaks Ground for Robotics Institute's NASA Robotics Engineering Consortium Building
23 September 1995

Pittsburgh Company Established Using Lycos Internet Catalog Technology
20 June 1995

Mary Shaw, Professor and Software Engineering Expert, Is Awarded The Perlis Chair in Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science
25 May 1995


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