Sending mail about feline epilepsy

I regularly get mail from people about their cat's seizures. While I would love to respond to every piece of mail I get, that's not always possible. Please understand that if you don't receive a response, it doesn't mean I didn't get it, it most likely means that I didn't have the time to respond.

You may find the Epi-Felines mailing list a good place to ask questions.

To answer some common questions, I'm not a vet, so I can't dispense any sort of veterinary advice or diagnosis. Most of what I know you can find on my feline epilepsy page or on links off of that page. I do have some common pieces of information that I have given out in the past.

Above all else, good luck with solving your pet's problem. I know how difficult it can be.

If you've read this and would still like to send me email, feel free. Due to my schedule, I can't promise that I can answer it, but I do read it. In particular, if you have additional information which you feel would be appropriate for inclusion on my web page, please send me mail.
Last modified: Thu Mar 17 15:46:34 EST 2005