What Will YOU Do This Summer?

Play video games?
Text message all day?
Cruise the web non-stop?
Listen to iTunes?
Torment your kid brother or sister? :-)

Sure,those things are fun. BUT....

YOU could Build Robots!
And study the Science of Computing!
And explore Computational Thinking!
And get excited, inspired
and do what you know you really (or even secretly) love!

Leap@CMU is a summer enrichment program run by the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University since 1991. It is a seven-week summer course designed to expose high school students to some of the basic aspects of computer science and how it connects to our everyday life. All local area high school students are encouraged to apply (and the occasional middle school student).

Through special classes and guest faculty seminars, students are exposed to the frontiers of computer science. They jump ahead approximately ten years in their experience of the science. Students have an opportunity to interact with some of the country's leading scientists, emerging from the program with a comprehensive understanding of the breadth of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon.

Scientific breakthroughs are occurring at an accelerated speed in the field of computer science. Blurring the lines separating the fields of mathematics, robotics, programming and design has brought us the latest technologies such as PDAs, GPS, and even the Internet itself. In a fast-paced world, it is vital to learn fundamental skills – across disciplines and sciences.

Our goal is to help students immerse themselves in computer science, in all its breadth, and to motivate them to explore their talents and scientific rewards of the field.