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Who am I?

I am Michel Buffa, visiting scientist at the Robotic Institute of the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh . I'm currently studying the navigation of cross country mobile robots using weakly calibrated stereovision. I'm involved in the The Navlab project. Here is a picture of the robot I'm working on. Our lab maintains a very interesting page with links to a lot of computer vision related stuff all over the world. See the CMU Computer Vision home page. Check also the Robotics mosaic page.

Here are my publications.

I recently acquired a position as a teacher in computer engineering at the Univeristy of Nice, in France. I'll start teaching there in September 1994. I'll conduct my research work on Underwater Virtual Reality at ESSI (Ecole Superieure des Sciences Informatiques), at Sophia-Antipolis near Nice in the southeast of France, in the team directed by Peter Sander. An interesting link for the french teachers is the CNU ftp server.


You don't know IRC ? Why don't you visit my IRC page? It will explain everything you want to know about IRC: what it is, how to get the software, how to use it. You can even connect on IRC with a simple mouse click!


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