Unhappily Ever After

Unhappily Ever After is one of the programs on the The WB Television Network, and is produced by Touchstone Television. It currently airs at 9:30pm Eastern time on Sunday nights.

Some Thoughts on the Finale

The first thing that struck me about the series finale is how it was the first episode in long time to be true to the original premise of the series in that it focused mainly on Jack. The second thing that struck me is that the show was on for five seasons and they never figured out what the heck to do with Ross. Airing the pilot episode right afterwards was a nice touch, although it certainly reminded me of how much the show had changed after the first season. It was fun seeing how young the kids looked; except for Ross, I hadn't really noticed that the kids had aged. I am now definately convinced that they got a new Mr. Floppy puppet during the 2nd season. It was a shame that they didn't air the original opening credits with the original theme song, though. I also have to wonder if they edited some material from it to make time for more commercials. I don't remember seeing Barry appear in it last night, but it appeared in the credits.

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