Platypus Man: Cast & Credits

Platypus Man was produced by Fanaro/Nathan Productions and Paramount Pictures.


Richard Jeni Richard Jeni
Lou Golumbuski Ron Orbach
Paige McAllister Denise Miller
Tommy Jeni David Dundara


Created By Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan
Executive Producers Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan
Produced by Marica Govons
Producer Michael Rotenberg
Consulting Producer Marc Sotkin
Producers Michael Davidoff & Bill Rosenthal
Consulting Producer Danny Smith
Co-Producer Bill Prady
Associate Producer Stephen K. Rose
Creative Consultant Richard Jeni
Casting by Jeff Oshen C.S.A.
Music by Scott Gale & Rich Eames
Director of Photography Frank Raymond A.S.C.
Art Director Dahl Delu
Editor Robert Bramwell
Unit Production Manager Bill Carroll
First Assistant Director Steve Burgess
Second Assistant Director Melinda Casey
Set Director Phil Snyder
Sound Mixer Richard Wachter
Technical Coordinator John E. Neukum
Script Supervisor Jan Corey
Costme Supervisor Brett Barnett
Costumer Jennifer Sculages
Make-Up Judith Silverman-Orr
Hair Stylist Judith Tiedmann
Production Coordinators Rosie Dean, Christine Donaldson
Writers’ Assistants Sue Tenney, Michael Gannon, Susan Stewart
Casting Executive Helen Mossler C.S.A.
Assistants to the Producers Tiffany Abrams, Sheila Barnes, Mindy Bazar, Chris Brinsley, David Karson, Gina Madrid, Candice R. Saunders, Jason Venokur, Kerry Vill
Post Production Supervisor Randall Winston

Based on the stand up comedy of Richard Jeni.

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