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Platypus Man was a half-hour situation comedy that aired on the United Paramount Network. It was produced by Fanaro/Nathan Productions and Paramount Pictures. It aired at the following times:


The show centers around Richard Jeni, his friends Lou Golumbuski and Paige McAllister, and his younger brother Tommy. Richard is the host and chef of Cooking with the Platypus Man, a New York cooking show for “Anyone who’s tried to make tunafish on toast and ended up in the burn unit with mayonnaise in his hair,” which airs on channel 72. Richard also has a twin brother, Vince, who is in real estate, and of whom he is jealous (“New York on $2,000 a Day”). Richard learned how to cook because Lou convinced him to take Home Economics with him in high school to pick up chicks. Lou got some, Richard did not (“Out of the Mouths of Babes”). Some personal information about Richard: he wet his bed until he was 12, and gets arroused by Oh Canada (“Without a Hitch”). Richard’s sound engineer is Larry Tannenbaum.

Lou Golumbuski, who happens to be Jewish, is Richard’s executive producer and best friend. He met Richard when they were seven and put out a campfire together by peeing on it. Lou skipped out on his Bar Mitzvah in order to go see the Three Stooges live (“Lower East Side Story”). His wife’s name is Marie, and he has a sister.

Tommy Jeni is a bartender at (and possibly owner of) the Roof Garden Tavern, where they all hang out. He was 16 in the third grade (“Without a Hitch”), and 18 when he was in 9th grade (“9 1/2 Days”).

Paige McAllister lives across the hall from Richard (he lives in 3E, she lives in 3B), and is an ex-pro-golfer who writes a sports column (“Sports Paige McAllister”) for the newspaper.

What did Mom tell Tommy?

Meals Made on Show

Episode Meal
“Episode One” Pasta Primavera
“9 1/2 Days” Steak and Potatoes
“The Apartment Show” Turkey
“NYPD Nude” Shrimp Flambe
“Sweet Denial” Single Man Leftover Stew
“New York on $2,000 a Day” [Not Mentioned?]
“Lou’s the Boss” Pasta
“The Crush” Chocolate Souffle
“Both Sides Now” Clamato Juice (Beverage in the spotlight)
“Without a Hitch” Mealoaf
“Lower East Side Story” Bagel Pizzas (Football Watching Snacks series)
“Out of the Mouths of Babes” Baked Alaska
“Dying to Live” Chocolate Souffle

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