Episodes: In Living Color
(89-90 Season)

Last Updated: 13 April 1997

In Living Color

# R? DOFB DATE Episode

From Spring 1990 to August 1993: Sundays

1991 April to March 1992: Sundays at 8:00pm

Season 1

7H01 Great Moments in Black History / Love Connection / Red Fox / Homeboy Shopping Network / Equity Express Card / Men on Film
7H02 Homeboy Choir / Sugar Ray Lenard / The Arsenio Hall Show / Milli Vanilli / Star Trek: The Wrath of Farrakhan / Ridin' Miss Daisy
7H03 Lean on Me Beautiful / Mitzvah Train / Oswald Bates / Go on Girl / Lassie '90 / Richard Pryor / Vortex II Tampons
7H04 Transitions / Oprah / The Exxon Family / Great Moments in Black History / Anton in the Subway / Men on Art
7H05 Hefty World / Three Champs and a Baby / Mr. Mubutu / A Date with Grace Jones / Homeboy Shopping Network / Rhonda Hightower
7H06 Opperssion / Bad Karate Class / Jheri's Kids / Snack N Shack / The Making of a Tracy Chapman Song / Greshan Formula
7H07 Salt N Pepa / Ted Turners Very Colorized Classics / Hey Mon / Men on Books / Don King - The Early Years / Old Guy in the Can
7H08 Jesse Jackson / Anton- This Old Box / Casa De Hair / Endangered Species / Cephus and Reese
7H09 Andrea Dice Clay / Homey D Clown / Homeboy Shopping Network / Hey Mon / America's Funniest Security Camera Videos
7H10 Micheal Jackson Potato Head / Disk Jocky, Death Jocky / Oswald Bates / Edna Louise / Vera Demilo / Old Train / Uncle Joe's Fairy Tales
7H11 Anton in the People's Court / Cal Hoon Tubbs / The Brothers Brothers / Ted Turners Very Colorized Classics / MC Hammer / Cine-Globe Theater
7H12 Ray Charles in Charge / Vortex of Fear / Lil' Richard's Playhouse / Conspiracy / I Love Laquita / Della Reese's Pieces
7H13 Homey D Clown / Benita Butrell / Confused Guy / The Buttmans / Samantha Kinison / Micheal Winslow
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5

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