Episodes: Guinness World Records: Primetime
(99-00 Season)

Last Updated: 8 September 2000

# R? DOFB DATE Episode Notes
Season 1

Season 2

5 December 1999 to 18 December 1999: 8:00pm Thursdays

GU-203 9 Dec 99 9 Dec 99 Sword-swallower; man tries beating a calculator computing in his head.
GU-202 16 Dec 99 16 Dec 99 Slim-waisted woman; tightrope walker; man with the most body piercings.
27 May 00 27 May 00 Model Cindy Margolis appears; man supports heavy weights with his body; man foot-skis behind a fast motorcycle. 9:00pm Saturday
8 Jun 00 8 Jun 00 Large lizard; woman's long beard; underwater cave. 9:00pm Thursday
12 Jul 00 12 Jul 00 Most rhinestones on a human body; largest donation of human hair; highest shallow-dive. 9:00pm Wednesday
19 Jul 00 19 Jul 00 Most metal eaten by a man; man balances glasses on his chin. 9:00pm Wednesday
26 Jul 00 26 Jul 00 Man kisses cobras; double-jointed man crushes eggs. 9:00pm Wednesday
4 Aug 00 4 Aug 00 Tallest human chair stack; two men attempt to roll a frying pan like a newspaper. 9:00pm Friday
11 Aug 00 11 Aug 00 Fastest ketchup drinker; man uses his earlobe as a slingshot. 9:00pm Friday
18 Aug 00 18 Aug 00 A man tries to hold his breath for over seven minutes; clay targets are aimed at a shooter's head. 9:00pm Friday
6 Sep 00 6 Sep 00 Woman stacks bowls on her head; spinning while sky-surfing. 9:00pm Wednesday
13 Sep 00 Pre-empted by Sole Survivor
20 Sep 00 Pre-empted by The Nutty Professor
Season 3

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