Episodes: Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?
(99–00 Season)

Last Updated: 6 January 2001

# R? DOFB DATE Episode Notes
Season 1
Season 2

Season 3

BEY-305 21 Jan 00 21 Jan 00 A medical misdiagnosis from the 1800s could change history; a father's gift saves his family's life; a man's dream comes true; mannequins take revenge on an employee; host Jonathan Frakes; guest Kent McCord. 8:00pm Friday

21 May 2000 to 19 August 2000: 8:00pm Fridays

? 26 May 00 26 May 00 Antique device saves man's life; man holds woman at gunpoint.
BEY-309 2 Jun 00 2 Jun 00 Evil gravedigger meets his match; young couple encounters a deadly situation.
9 Jun 00 Pre-empted by It's Your Chance of a Lifetime
BEY-312 16 Jun 00 16 Jun 00 A widow hopes to find a fortune; a man has horrifying hallucinations after getting a blood transfusion.
BEY-304 23 Jun 00 23 Jun 00 A woman receives the gift of beauty; long-distance rescue.
BEY-303 30 Jun 00 30 Jun 00 Race car driver is near death; evil woman tries to marry her dead sister's husband.
? 7 Jul 00 7 Jul 00 Widower meets wife's doppelganger; oil painting saves a life.
BEY-306 14 Jul 00 14 Jul 00 An evil landlady is driven insane; girl puts curse on psychologist.
BEY-311 21 Jul 00 21 Jul 00 Legendary gunslinger's spirit haunts a police officer; drifter offers feuding couple advice, then disappears.
BEY-301 28 Jul 00 28 Jul 00 Medical mysteries; exploratory surgery leads doctors to an amazing discovery; a man has all the characteristics of a vampire.
BEY-302 4 Aug 00 4 Aug 00 A man travels 150 years back in time; antique sewing machine goes out of control.
BEY-310 11 Aug 00 11 Aug 00 Recently widowed, a man tries to rob his wife's coffin; two young burglars are surprised on the job.
BEY-307 18 Aug 00 18 Aug 00 A woman's gift may save her boyfriend's life; a woman tries to free herself of an evil curse.

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