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April 27, 1997

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Pauly Sherman is the 28 year-old, slightly spoiled, slacker son of widower Edward Sherman, a hotel magnate. Pauly lives with his father in his Los Angeles mansion "to protect [his] father from low-rent bimbos" who are attracted to his father's money. Pauly is basically like every other character Pauly Shore has ever played, except toned down (RIP "The Weasel"). This is not to say that Pauly is stupid, just unmotivated; he occasionally provides good ideas for his father's hotel empire. His life-style is thrown into turmoil when Edward announces that his girlfriend of two weeks, twenty-something aerobics instructor Dawn Delaney, is moving in. Worse yet, they are engaged and she has a ten year-old son Zack. Pauly remains unconvinced that Dawn's feelings towards his father are genuine, given her past history of sleeping around (she won't tell Zack who his real father is, she knows hookers, and apparently every one of the San Diego Padres) and holding jobs where she is likely to meet wealthy men. Zack is remarkably well adjusted considering the maturity level of mother and the lack of a father figure in his life. The cast is rounded out by Sumi, the Sherman's wise-cracking asian housekeeper, who tends to side with Pauly against Dawn, and Berger, Pauly's friend since the sixth grade, who is the proprietor of a video store. The flow of the story is occasionally interrupted by Pauly's surreal dream sequences.

Pauly aired on the Fox television network in the United States, and was produced by 20th Century Fox Television. Seven episodes were produced, but only five of them were broadcast.

Cast and Credits

Pauly Sherman Pauly Shore
Edward Sherman David Dukes
Dawn Delaney Charlotte Ross
Zack Delaney Theo Greenly
Sumi Amy Hill
Berger Kevin Weisman
Production Staff
Created By James Berg, Stan Zimmerman
Executive Producers James Berg, Stan Zimmerman, Michael Rotenberg, Pauly Shore
Creative Consultant Jonathan Prince
Supervising Producers Mark Alton Brown, Dee Laduke
Produced By Mitchell Bank
Associate Producer Joe Caton

Broadcast History

March 3, 1997 to April 7, 1997: Mondays at 9:30pm
1 3 Mar 97 Pilot
2 10 Mar 97 "Spies Like Us"
3 17 Mar 97 "Pauly Come Home"
24 Mar 97 Pre-empted by Cops Marathon
4 31 Mar 97 "Foreplay"
5 7 Apr 97 "Through the Ringers"
6 Not Aired "Life's a Drag"
7 Not Aired Unknown

Episode Descriptions


Pauly's father has a surprise: his 20-something girlfriend of two weeks, Dawn, is moving in with them. But wait there's more: they're engaged! Even worse, she has a 10 year old son, and wants to kick Pauly's slacker butt out of the house. So Pauly goes on the defensive, and invites all her old dates (lots and lots of them) to the engagement party.

Spies Like Us

The Sherman's new handyman, Jake, keeps breaking everything that he tries to fix, and happens to be a stud. Berger thinks that he is around for "other" reasons because Dawn is the one who hired him. After unsuccessfully trying to tell his father that he thinks Dawn is fooling around with Jake, Pauly and Berger go through Jake's trash. They find a love note, so they decide to tape Jake's activities the next day. From what they overhear they decide that Dawn and Jake are going to kill Pauly and Edward. In the end, it turns out that Sumi and Jake are the ones having an affair, and that Jake is Dawn's cousin, who was just released from jail for taking the wrap for her Pyramid Scheme. (Pauly has a James Bond fantasy while staking out Jake's apartment.)

Pauly Come Home

Pauly becomes upset when Dawn invades his tennis playing time with Edward, then feels neglected when Edward teaches Zack how to swim (Pauly still can't swim). Feeling ignored, he runs away to live with Berger. Things are initially good: two circus acrobats come home with them, but they leave when Pauly and Berger start fighting. After Dawn throws away Pauly's runaway note, Sumi finds it and shows it to Edward. Sumi and Edward reminisce about Pauly, while Dawn tries to convince them that it is a good thing that he left. Meanwhile Pauly is driving Berger crazy, and Berger wants him gone. Edward gets Pauly to come home by explaining to him that his new family with Dawn and Zack would be incomplete with out his old family, Pauly.


Dawn wants to join the "in" crowd of rich women in the neighborhood, and is astonished that Pauly is "in" with them. Pauly has a crush on his father's new junior executive, Rebecca Larson. Berger won't help Pauly get Rebecca's attention; he'd rather build Pauly a cybersex girlfriend. Dawn is jealous of Rebecca because she thinks the "in" girls like her better, so she helps Pauly become a yuppie to get Rebecca. There are a bunch of bizarre scenes of Pauly playing golf with Rebecca and her snobby friends. Pauly gets the girl, but when she only wants him for his mind, he drops the yuppie routine. When the "in" girls want to make Rebecca one of them, Dawn bitchily tells them off, and they let her in.

Through the Ringers

Berger finds a tape of Slammer Sluts, a women in prison movie starring Dawn. They decide to use a still frame of her being cavity searched on their next Christmas card. Dawn is trying to find a celebrity spokesperson for her new charity, The Dawn Foundation. She drives into Dionne Warwick to talk to her and steals Penny Marshall's purse to meet her, but Pauly scares both of them away. She hires her friend Maria to distract Pauly so that he won't bother her celebrities. Berger recognizes Maria as Diesel Donna from Slammer Sluts, so they tell her that Dawn's checks are bad, and Maria confesses. Pauly pays her to pretend to be in love with him to get back at Dawn. When Dawn finds out, she throws Maria out of the house, but Maria pretends to get hurt on the patio and threatens to sue. Sumi tells them to hire a celebrity look-a-like to lure away Maria. When Erik Estrada shows up to talk to Dawn about her charity they think he is the look-a-like.

Life's a Drag

Pauly offers to judge a beauty pageant, unaware the contestants are drag queens. (From Tony Lammens's guide.)

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