FOX Programs

Last Updated: January 6, 1998

The following is a list of FOX TV programs that I have compiled. It should now contain a list of every program ever aired on Fox. This list could still use work, so please e-mail me if you have any information to add.

Please double check the list before telling a show is not on it. I can not count the number of people who have told me that Sliders and VR.5 are not on it.

A big thanks to those of you who have E-Mailed me information!


Shows that I have no info on

I beleive that Zazoo U, Little Dracula, Piggsburg Pigs were Fox cartoons, but I'm not sure. Does any one know for sure?

Programs That Begin with the Letter A

Adventures of Batman and Robin

Now only on Saturday. The other Batman series is no longer on. Basically the same show, only now with Robin as well. 1994 to August 1995.

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

Harvard Law grad Brisco County, Jr becomes a bounty hunter and gets the bad guys in this humurous sometimes sci-fi western. Began Fall 1993 to August 1994.

After Breakfast

Morning talk-show hosted by Tom Bergeron, Laurie Hibberd, and Bob the Puppet. The main set is a 6,500 foot Manhattan apartment, but the show also features four roaming "road warriors" who cover local stories. Originall aired on the fX cable channel as "Breakfast Time." Aired August 10, 1996 through August 18, 1997.

Against the Law

Darin Reid says "about a hip lawyer, nothing special..." John Parkin says:
Anyway, I saw the show a couple of times. It was about an irreverant lawyer (don't remember his name) that was alsways being held in contempt of court for climbing on the judge's desk, and things like that. The ads for The Great Defender sort of remind me of it. I believe it was on in the 90-91 season, or the one before it. It wasn't on long.
Rob Matsushita adds:
AGAINST THE LAW starred Micheal O'Keefe (THE SLUGGER'S WIFE) and came out around the same time as SHANNON'S DEAL and EDDIE DODD (which was based on TRUE BELIEVER). It was about an unorthodox lawyer who liked to annoyingly shout at the jury (never a good tactic, but it always seemed to work) and had this big biker dude for an investigator and friend. The main draw (?) of the show was that they would use "profanity" (actually, they were mostly words you can say, like "bitch," "Son of a Bitch," "Ass," and I think the worst one was "screw.") and bleep them out. I only saw two episodes, one about a retarded rape victim, and one about a Andrew "Dice" Clay comic who kept getting thrown in jail. The show's main problem was that the "realistic" dialogue wasn't realistic, it was just cliches with lame curse words.

A.J.'s Time Travelers

Saturday morning live action children's program. Troy Kearney says: "A.J's Time Travelers was a live action series in which a normal kid is given the ability to travel back in time and learn about what happened in our world history." December/January 1995.

Alien Nation

Series based on the movie. In the near future, a giant spacecraft arrives carrying a race of aliens that were formally slaves, and they settle on Earth. The two main characters are human and alien cops. An interesting blend of sci-fi and cops & robbers. I beleive the series ran from the September of 1989 to Summer of 1990.

Ally McBeal

Ally McBeal is a young lawyer who has loses her job for suing a senior parter for sexual harrassment. She promptly runs into a classmate from law school, Richard Fish, and decides to work for his new firm. Unfortunately, Billy Alan Thomas, her former boyfriend whom she still has feelings for, also works there, and is now married to Georgia. What distiguishes this from other law shows is that we get to see Ally's wacky fantasies and dreams from time to time. Premiered September 8, 1997.

American Chronicles

Ran from 9/90 to 12/90 and was done my Mark Frost and David Lynch. Larry Virden says it "was a series that basically was news items - think TV Nation..." Richard Dreyfuss was the narrator.

America's Most Wanted

Profiles America's most wanted criminals. Fall of 1987 to September 21, 1996.

The Animaniacs

Weekday cartoon featuring the Warner Brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner Sister, Dot. Also has Pinky & The Brain, The Goodfeathers, and other goofy characters. Fall of 1993 through August of 1995. Moved to The WB Network on September 9, 1995.

Ask Harriet

Sports writer Jack Cody, recently fired by his boss and former girlfried Melissa Peters, transforms himself into a woman and is hired to write his former paper's advice column, "Ask Hariett." The advice he gives out is refreshingly blunt and from a man's point of view, which makes the column very popular, but wreaks havoc with his macho man lifestyle. Premiered January 4, 1998.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Saturday morning cartoon based on the movies of the same name. I think Fall 1990 to Summer 1991.

Programs That Begin with the Letter B


Sit-com about three overweight women who live together. I think it was on for two seasons: Fall of 1989 to Summer of 1991.

Bakersfield PD

Paul (a half-Italian black played by Giancarlo Esposito) is an intelligent, by-the-book cop from Washington, D.C./ who moves to Bakersfield, CA, where he's teamed with Wade (Ron Eldard), a nutty free spirit who likes to wear roller skates when he chases crooks and wishes he were black. They're the odd-couple heroes of this uneven but pleasantly off-beat sitcom. Chris Mulkey plays the best supporting role, as a dimwitted macho officer who hates the day shift. Fall 93. Four unaired episodes begin again July 7, 1994.

Batman: The Animated Series

Weekday cartoon-- shouldn't need explaining. Fall of 1992 to 1994.

The Ben Stiller Show

A skit show starring mostly Ben Stiller. Fall/Winter 1992/3. Stewart Mason has this to say about it:
The other cast members were Janene Garofalo (Now on The Larry Sanders Show and also Winona Ryder's best friend in the Stiller-directed Reality Bites), Bob Odenkirk (Now a writer and performer for Late Night with Conan O'Brien--he's the voice of Bill Clinton), and Andy Dick. Memorable sketches included Stiller as Bono, doing a commercial for Lucky Charms set to the tune of "One," and Odenkirk as Oliver Stone touting an amusement park based on his movies. This was quite possibly the best sketch comedy show on TV since Your Show of Shows.

Best of the Worst

Larry Virden says it "featured really terrible comedy skits, terrible home movie clips, etc." says "Greg Kinnear of Talk Soup (E! Television) and Later (NBC) was the host of this show. It mostly had wacky inventions." Michael Jason Mezaros says it "relied heavily on Japanese game shows and old skits from the Seattle show Almost Live."

Between Brothers

Brothers Charles and James Winston live together, have the same friends, but have very different lifestyles. Real estate salesman James persues fun and women a little to much, which often causes him to disrupt sportswriter Charles' well-ordered world. The two hang out with college buddies "Dust Canyon," a local-TV weatherman, and Mitchell, a bitter divorcee paying alimony to two ex-wives, at the local sports-bar run by Teri, who often has to set them straight about women. Premiered September 11, 1997.

Beverly Hills 90210

Soap Opera about teenagers Brandan and Brenda (gone) Walsh who moved from Minnesota to Beverly Hills. The get rich friends. Now they are young adults. On since Fall of 1990.

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?

James Brolin hosts each episode's anthologies, some of which are based on real events, some of which are writer's fantasies. Some stories will be about the paranormal, while other are about life-changing events. Premiered May 25, 1997.

Beyond Tomorrow

Show about new inventions. An adaption of the Discovery Channel's Beyond 2000. September 1988 to December 1989.

Big Bad Beetleborgs

Three kids are dared into a haunted house and accidently free Flabber, a benevolent ghost, who grants them a wish. They choose to become Bid Bad Beetleborgs, characters from their favorite comic book. Unfortunately, the gateway to comic books is left open, and the other occupants of the house, Count Fangula, Frankenbeans, Mums, and Wolfgang Smith, plus the Villians from the comic book use it cause trouble in the town. Weekday program. Began September 9, 1996.

Big Deal!

This weekly audience participation game show featuring musical and celebrity guests is taped before an arena-sized audience. The hour-long show, hosted by Mark DeCarlo(STUDS), involves audience members vying for big prizes by participating in outrageous games and stunts. Players can keep their prizes and trade them for something else, sometimes better and sometimes worse. The games escalate in size and scope, until the two top winners can risk everything they've won for a chance to win the BIG DEAL. Premeired September 1, 1996.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Sitcom based on the movies. Two high school 'dudes', Bill and Ted, travel through time in a phone booth. Summer 1992. There was also an animated version on Saturday mornings.


Jason Bateman is the college educated younger brother of a NJ auto mechanic, who returns to help his brother's business after losing his job on Wall Street. The Pilot aired Thursday, June 30, 1994. In it he tries to convince his brother that he can help him.

Bobby's World

Saturday morning cartoon about Howie Mandel's four year old character Bobby Generic, and the imaginative adventures he has. On since Fall of 1990.


Spin off from 21 Jump Street. Ex-cop Booker (Richard Grieco) becomes an insurance investigator, but always gets caught up in a bigger mystery. Aired from Sep 24, 89 to May 6 90.

Programs That Begin with the Letter C


Saturday morning cartoon based on the comic. Casper the friendly ghost vs the world. Began January 1996.

C-Bear and Jamal

Saturday morning cartoon about Jamal and his teddy-bear C-Bear. C-Bear takes Jamal through a variety of imaginary adventures. Tone Loc provides the voice for C-Bear and produces the cartoon. Premeired September 7, 1996.

Charlie Hoover

Sam Kinison is Tim Matheson's guardian angel. Sam was about 6 inches tall or so when Tim could see him. Tim had a wife and few kids, who mysteriously disappeared after a few episodes. November 9 to December 29, 1991.

The Chevy Chase Show

Late night talk show hosted by Chevy Chase. Winter 1993/4.

The Class of '96

Soap opera about college freshman. Fall of 1992 to Summer of 1993.

Code 3

Follow real life fireman and medics around as they save people.

Comic Strip Live

Saturday night stand up comic show. I think 1989 to Winter 1993.


Follow real life cops around as they arrest people. On since at least 1990.

The Crew

Sit-com about Miami based Regency Air, focusing on Jess and Maggie, two air stewardesses who are roommates. Other characters include Randy, an air steward, the arrogant pilot, the bitchy head stewardess, and the gay air steward.

The Critic

Fox picks up the discarded ABC show, where Jon Lovitz is the voice of Jay Sherman, host of Coming Attractions, where he reveiws parodies of recent films. Began March 5, 1995.

Programs That Begin with the Letter D

Daddy Dearest

Richard Lewis stars as a psychologist who's Archie Bunker-type father (Don Rickles) moves in after separting from his wife (Renee Taylor). Lewis also incorporates his neurotic schtick into the character. Fall 1993.

Danger Theater

A very stupid show that contained two 15 minute very stupid action/adventure skits parodying Hawaii 5-0, and other cheesy adventure shows. July 11 to August 22, 1993.

Dark Water

Weekday cartoon mini-series. 91/92? Troy Kearney says: "The cartoon Pirates of Dark Water was a mini-series and was just called Dark Water. It became PODW when ABC picked it up for it's Saturday morning line-up in 1993."


Fictional show about DEA officers, but carried out in a documentary style. I remember they used to have "bleep-outs" of foul language to make it seem more real. Fall/Winter 1990?

The Dirty Dozen

Serialization of the famous movies. Although I think that the characters were different, but it was the same idea. Summer/Fall 1987? Maybe into Winter 1988.

Dog City

Saturday morning cartoon. Larry Virden says, "Henson production mix of muppets and animation following an animator and his tv series. The catch is the 'people' are all dogs." Half cartoon and half muppet.

Down and Out in Beverly Hills

Series based on the movie. Winter/Spring 1987.

Down the Shore

Sit-com about three single guys and three single gals who share a weekend beach house in Seaside Heights, NJ. Summer 1992 to Winter/Spring 1993?

Dream On

The HBO series, now on FOX. Martin Tupper is a NY book editor who suddenly finds himself divorced and living the single life. January 8, 1995 to April 16, 1995.

Drexell's Class

Sitcom about a single father (Dabney Coleman) who is an elementary school teacher. Originaly concetrated on him in school, but later shifted focus to his family life. This show lasted less than one season, but had three different opening credits. Fall/Winter 1991?


Not sure how to describe this one as I didn't watch it. See also Open House. Winter/Spring 1987 to Spring/Summer 1989? Maybe 1990, I can't remember.

Stewart Mason says this about it:

It starred Matthew Laurence and Mary Page Keller as Ben and Laura and followed the stages of their romance from first meeting to marriage and children. Basically, it was the precursor to Mad About You, right down to Laura's goofy scatterbrain sister (played by the genuinely appealing Jodi Thelen) and their annoying married-couple friends, played by Chris Lemmon and Alison La Placa. It just wasn't as funny as Mad About You. After the first couple of seasons, attention shifted more to the friends and it went downhill fast. It was pretty great sometimes, though.

Edwin Yuen says this:

An interesting note about this show was that after the first season, the show sped ahead two years, where Ben and Laura get married and have a young daughter. It was funny because the first episode of the second season just said "we're moving ahead in time" and started from there.
Robert Amsbury adds this correction: "It wasn't Ben and Laura who had a child, it was their 'annoying married-couple friends'."

Programs That Begin with the Letter E

The Edge

Half hour comedy skit show starring Julie Brown and Jennifer Aniston among others. Fall/Winter 1992/3.

Eek! the Cat

Saturday morning cartoon. According to Larry Virden:
Follow a loveable cat who lives a life of misery without seeming to notice it. Eek's tag line is 'It never hurts to help' followed immediately by some tragedy. It's tied now with The Terrible ThunderLizards which takes place in Dinosaur times as the Dinos - much more advanced than we currently suspect, discover a hideous man species and tries to extinguish it.

Eek! the Cat and the Terrible Thunder Lizards

Larry Virden says, "done by Savage Steve Holland. It is what Eek! The Cat has turned into."

Eek! Stravaganza

The latest version features Eek! the Cat and his comrades Sharkdog, Elmo Elk, the Squishy Bearz, and Annabelle. Other segments feature The Terrible Thunder Lizards Doc, Squatt, and Kutter, and the cavemen Bill and Scooter. The new feature "Klutter" is about brother Ryan and Wade and their pile of junk come to life.


Anther try at Sightings. This one concentrates on UFOs. Had a special in March 1994, which was rerun in early May 1994. Summer 94, and reappears when ever they need filler for failed shows.

Programs That Begin with the Letter F

Family Double Dare

A prime-time version of Nickalodean's icky game show, only entire families compete in a quiz-show where you dare your opponents to answer the question, or perform a slimey 'physical challenge.' Fall 1987 to Summer 1988.

Flying Blind

Sit-com about an average schmuck who meets this beautiful jet-setting woman who changes his life. Fall 1992 to Spring 1993.

Fortune Hunter

Action show about a spy who works for hire. Has all kinds of neat gadgets, and a computer geek at home base whom he is always in contact with through a special contact lense. September 4 to September 25, 1994.

413 Hope St.

Phil Thomas, a wealthy business man, founded 413 Hope St. on the site where his son was murdered. As a safe haven for nieghborhood kids, and a place where people can come for help, he is trying to better the community. Center staffers include Antonio Collins, a young psychologist at the center; Juanita, a counselor; Nick, a former drug addict who runs the center's sports programs; and Sylvia, a feisty lawyer. Antonio is torn between the center and his new wife Angelica. Aired September 11, 1997 to January 1, 1998.

The Fox Cubhouse

Weekday afternoon children's program designed to entertain and teach life lessons. Segments include Rimba's Island, Johnson & Friends, and Jim Henson's Nature Show.

FOX's Fun House

Troy Kearney says: "similar to Fun House, which was a game show where kids had to take part in sloppy games to win points and ultimately run through a "fun house" full of prizes. The host was J.D. Roth." Chris Lamber adds: "this was a souped-up version of the previously syndicated kids' game show Fun House, which was a Double Dare clone. Produced by Stone/Stanley Productions. Starring J.D. Roth and cheerleaders Jacqueline and Samantha Forrest."

Fox News Sunday

A review of the week's major stories and events includes interviews with newsmaking individuals; host syndicated journalist Tony Snow. Premeired April 28, 1996.

Front Page

Very sleazy news journal. Not nearly as good as The Reporters. Summer/Fall 1993?

Programs That Begin with the Letter G

It's Gary Shandling's Show

Gary Shandling is himself in this show about his life (or how he would like it to be...). This is the same show that was on Showtime. Winter/Spring 1988 to Spring/Summer 1990. Chris Lambert says:
Garry, as himself, interacted with various friends in this sitcom, including his best friend Pete, his wife Jackie and their son Grant, Garry's platonic friend Nancy, and Garry's nosy landlord, Leonard Smith. What made IGSS unique was that every character knew they were on a TV show. Garry opened each episode by telling the audience a few jokes and setting up that day's episode. Often times, the other characters would also interact with the audience, and Garry would occasionally just tell everybody to imagine time had passed, after which charcaters would return from vacation or grow years older. Guest stars regularly popped in to help Garry with his problems, often noting that they were watching the show at home. Starring Garry Shandling as Garry Shandling, with Molly Cheek as Nancy, Michael Tucci as Pete Schumaker, Bernadette Birkett as Jackie, Scott Nemes as Grant, Paul Willson as Leonard, and (I believe) Barbara Cason as Garry's mother.

The George Carlin Show

George Carlin is a taxi driver in NYC, and spends most of each episode hanging out in the Moylen, a bar. In the first episode he wins this tiny little dog in a bet, but decides to keep it because he can use it as an excuse to hit on the women who runs the pet store. Winter 1994 to Summer 1994. Reappeared from Oct 1994 to January 1995.

Get a Life

Chris Elliot stars as a complete boob who needs to get a life. He's 30 years old and still living with his parents, and is a paper boy. His best friend still lives down the street, but is now married, but leaves his wife during the second season. Fall 1990 to Spring/Summer 1992.

Get Smart

Updated version of the original series. Max is Cheif of Control and 99 is a congresswomen. Their son Zachary is the bumbling super-spy whose partner is the sexy 66. January 8, 1995 to February 19, 1995.

Glory Days

Show from the summer of 1990 about 3 or 4 young adults who just got out of college. One of them became a journalist, and another becames a policeman. Was replaced by Beverly Hills 90210.

Good Grief

I think this is the show that starred Howie Mandel as an undertaker. Fall/Winter 1990.


Friday afternoon show based on the "Goosebumps" series of books. Premiered November 3, 1995.

The Great Defender

Lou Frischetti is a lawyer with a big heart in Boston struggling to get past his blue collar roots, who gets a job at a Beacon Hill law firm. March 5, 1995. Placed on hiatus on March 7, 1995.

Great Scott

Edwin Yuen says, "Wasn't this about a Brainy kid named Scott and how he bailed his friends out of trouble? Only saw previews for it." Another person says: "I vaguely remember [it] being a show about a teenager who had a vivid imagination--his fantasies about girls and various other situations seemed to come true in dream states."

Programs That Begin with the Letter H

Hard Ball

Major League inspired sit-com about a baseball team and its eccentric players. Sept 1994 to October 1994.


Michael Jason Mazaros says "This was a comedy skit and clip show that relied heavily on the same kind of clips that Best of the Worst used. 9/90 to 1/91." Also: "HAYWIRE was a skit show similar to SNL, Kids in the Hall, or the State. Memorable sketches were claymation Ricardo on family outings, Billy Chan's comic kung-fu movie parody ("be like billy, behave yourself"), and a running gag about a radio dj who moonlighted at many other jobs (doctor, lawyer, construction worker)."

The Heights

Soap Opera about a struggling garage band. Had that really stupid song How do you talk to an Angel? August 27 to November 26, 1992.

Herman's Head

Sit-com about Herman Brooks, a fact checker. The twist is that four of his emotions are also characters: Animal (Sex/Food), Genuis (Intellect), Angel (Love & Sweetness), and Wimp (fears). Fall of 1991 to Summer 1994.

House of Buggin'

A comedy skit show featuring John Leguizamo. Supporting members include Jorge Lui Abreu, David Herman, Tammi Cubilette, Luis Guzman, and Yelba Osorio. January 1995 to March 1995.

Programs That Begin with the Letter I

In Living Color

Half hour comedic skit show. Was called at one time a black Saturday Night Live. Stars of note are: Keenan Ivory, Damon, an Shawn Wayans, Jim Carrey, and Kim Coles. There was a major change in cast the last season. Spring 1990 to Summer 1994?.

In the Zone

Baseball program geared at young adults. Airs before the pre-game show. Began June 1, 1996.

Programs That Begin with the Letter J

Programs That Begin with the Letter K

Karen's Song

Charles Hill ( provided this description:
"Karen's Song" ran from July to September 1987. Set in Los Angeles, it starred Patty Duke as a fortyish divorcee who found herself falling for a guy in his twenties, played by Lewis Smith. The show was not highly regarded, even by its principals - at least one episode was directed by "Allen Smithee", the name used by a director who wants his name removed from the credits - but it's still remembered, mostly because of Patty's TV daughter, a college student played by current Net heartthrob Teri Hatcher.

Key West

Very bizarre show about a guy in Key West, FL. Summer of 1993. Chris Bovitz adds: A factory worker and aspiring writer in New Jersey wins the lottery and moves to Key West, Florida, to capture the spirit of his idol, Ernest Hemmingway and write the "great American novel."

Janice Powers adds: "starred Fisher Stevens (Michelle Pfieffer's X) he won the lottery or something and moved to Florida. Was a writer of some sort, novelist or journalist. Jennifer Tilly played a hooker with a heart of .... I don't know Florida sea water. I was a kind of cool show, very surreal, interesting voice overs of the Fisher telling the story, philosophising, etc..."

Kindred: The Embraced

Spelling Entertainment's adaption of the Vampire: The Masquerade role playing game. Five clans of vampires (Kindred) control the mob in San Francisco: the artistic Toreadors, the aristocratic Ventrue, the subterranean Nosferatu, the biker Gangrels, and the rebellious Brujah. Homicide detective Frank Kohanik discovers there secret while trying to break their hold on the city. Julian Luna is the Kindred prince of the city trying to prevent a clan war from starting, which would seriously threaten their existence, while Eddie Fiori the Brujah leader schemes to sieze the princehood. Premiered April 2, 1996. Regular series began April 3, 1996.

King of the Hill

Mike Judge and Greg Daniel's cartoon about Hank Hill, a family man who sells propane and propane accessories to the folks of Arlen County, Texas. His wife, Peggy, is a substitute teacher. Bobby is his good, but not too bright, son. Peggy's niece Luann is living with them while her parents are in jail for assaulting eachother, and is attending beauty college. Hank spends most of his free time standing around drinking beer with his friends: Dale, a conspiracy nutcase; Boom Hower, who mumbles everything; and Bill. Premeired January 12, 1997.

Programs That Begin with the Letter L

L.A. Firefighters

Semi-soap operatic drama about a fire company in Los Angeles. Aired June 3, 1996 to July 8, 1996.

The Last Frontier

Three guys in Alaska, Billy, Andy, and Reed, need a new roommate because Reed's brother Matt got married and moved out. Kate, a personal director for a development company, moves in and changes the household atmosphere. Billy is an architect and designed the house. Macho Reed runs an adventure compnay, while paranoid Andy is an Army Intelligence officer. Matt owns and runs the bar that everyone hangs out in. Aired June 3, 1996 to July 8, 1996.

The Late Show

I think that this was the talk show originally hosted by Joan Rivers, and then by Arsenio Hall. It ran from 1987 to something like 1989?


Brian Bosworth is Jon Lawless, an ex-CIA agent whose now a PI in Miami. His partner is Reggie Hayes, an ex-military pilot who saved his life during a mission. The two use extremely high-tech gadgetry to solve cases. Aired March 22, 1997, and was promptly cancelled.

Life with Louie

Cartoon based on Louie Anderson's experiences growing up in the Mid-West. A Few prime-time specials during 1994 - 95 season. Saturday mornings since September of 1995.

Little Shop

Saturday morning cartoon. Based on the musical and movie The Little Shop of Horrors about a man eating plant that talks.

Living Single

Sit-com about three young black women living together. Fall 1993 to Jan 1, 1998.

Local Heroes

The exploits of four twenty-something guys in Pittsburgh trying to avoid adulthood by maintaining there High School ways. Stosh is currently a cab driver, Jake is the pretty-boy ex-quarterback, Eddie lives in his mother's basement, and Mert has to marry his high school sweetheart Bonny when they get $10,000 saved up. Premeired March 17, 1996.

The Locals

Ratzenberg from Cheers is the narrator of this show set in a small Port Ellen, Rake Capital of the World. His sister marries a NYC cab driver whose first experience outside NY is moving here. In the pilot, his new brother-in-law tried to accept and be accepted by the town. Pilot June 23, 1994.

Love & Marriage

Parents Jack, the owner of a parking garage, and April Nardini, a waitress at a gourmet restaurant, have a mere 15 minutes a day together in which to get their household in order, make sure their three street-savvy kids are still breathing and maintain their still-passionate relationship. Their children are 12 year old son Christopher, alterna-chick teenager Gemmy, whose life dream is pierce for a living, and Michael, who attends junior collge and has five part time jobs. The seemingly perfect Begg family, of Trudy, Louis, and 10 year old Max, recently moved in across the hall from Suburbia. Premiered September 28, 1996.

Lush Life

Margo leaves her rich falandering husband and moves in with her childhood friend George (Lori Petty). George is a modern art painter who makes her living as a waitress at Hooter's. Premeired September 9, 1996.

Programs That Begin with the Letter M

Mad TV

Saturday night comedy sketch program based on Mad Magazine. Specializes in odd-ball parodies of recent movies. Also features animated shorts based on classic Mad cartoons, including "Spy Vs. Spy." The cast is David Herman, Orlando Jones, Phil LaMarr, Artie Lange, Mary Scheer, Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson.


Action/drama about a black philantropist who was shot and became paralyzed from the waist down, who now dons a special exoskeleton that allows him to walk and shoot darts that freeze the bad guys. Kinda cheesey, but it's getting better. Pilot aired as 2 hour movie in the spring and summer of 1994. August 26, 1994 to March 3, 1995.

Married with Children

The adventures of Al Bundy, a shoe salesman, and his family Kelly, Bud, and red-haired wife Peggy. Began Winter/Spring 1987. The longest running FOX program, and the longest running comedy that is still on the air.


Martin Lawrence stars as a radio DJ, but I think he lost his job or something and is now a TV talk show host. Began Fall 1992?

Masked Rider

Saturday Morning spin-off from the MMPR. Dex is an alien prince with super powers that enhance is inate insect-like abilities. He has come to Earth to protect from the forces of his evil uncle, who wishes to conquer Earth so that he can use it resources to take over his home world. Began September of 1995.

Medicine Ball

Seven Generation X doctors begin their residencies in FOX's version of a hospital show. Tongue-in-cheek drama. March 13 to May 29, 1995.


Frank Black is an ex-Seattle Homicide detective, who returns to Seattle after 10 years in the FBI's sexual homicide division. He is now part of the Millennium Group, a group of ex-law enforcement officers who work to stop the prophecies of the millennium. Frank consults with the Seattle PD on homicide investiagions, using his ability to see what the killer sees to aid them. He says that he is not psychic, but because of his experience is able to "become the capility, become the horror." His wife Kathryn is a clinical sociol worker. Premiered October 25, 1996.

Melrose Place

A spin off from Beverly Hills 90210 about the young adults who live in Melrose Place. Began Spring/Summer 1992.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Show about five high school students who use martial arts to stomp the incompetant alien bad guys. Saturdays and weekdays. Began Fall 1993.

Misery Loves Company

Joe a middle aged guy, moves in with his wild younger brother Mitch when his wife of 12 years leaves him. Together with his friends Perry and Lewis, who is also divorced and has a teenage son, Conner, they try to understand modern relationships. Fall of 1995.

Mr. President

George C. Scott is the United States President. Fall of 1987 to Summer 1990?

Models, Inc

Spin off from Melrose Place about models. June 29, 1994 to March 6, 1995.


The girl from Blossom stars as a daughter of a rich father, and Jennifer Aniston is her snotty older sister. Summer 1990.


Henry Winkler stars as a conservative talk show host with a liberal wife and kids. Winter 1994.

My Wildest Dreams

Lisa Ann Walter stars as a wife, mother, and career women who once sang with her college band and has always envisioned a career as a rock star. She now works in a recording studio after having a baby. May 28, 1995 to July 1995.

Programs That Begin with the Letter N

Ned and Stacy

Thomas Haden Church is Ned Darcy, a self-absorbed advertising account executive. When he finds out that he is going to be passed over for promotion because he isn't a family man, he marries Stacy, a women he met on a blind date. Stacy, a writer for The Village Voice, only marries him because she is tired of living at home and she loves his apartment. Stacy is the sister of his best friend's wife.

The New Adventures of Beans Baxter

Adventures of a teenage secret agent. His 'contact' later reappeared as the father of Parker Lewis. The actor who played Beans Baxter starred in Heart of the City with Christina Applegate in the Fall of 1986. Aired Fall 1987 to Summer of '88.

NY Undercover

Action Drama about two NY cops. Supposed to be like a '90s Miami Vice. Began September 1994.

Programs That Begin with the Letter O

Open House

Duet mutated in this show about a real estate agency. Summer 1990? I duuno, see Duet....

Edwin Yuen says this:

Open House was mainly about Alison Laplaca and Phillip Charles Macensize (sp?) fighting to get ahead in the real estate agency. Laura showed up occasionally to eat lunch but Ben dissapeared. The actor who played Ben (or his twin Brother) plays Brian Austin Green's father on 90210.

The Outsiders

I may have the title wrong. It is based on a movie of the same name that takes place in the 50s. Spring/Summer 1990. I've been informed that: "It was based on a awarding winning book written by S.E. Hinton. The show took place after the movie and book ended. It was kind of like the further adventures of the Curtis brothers and their friends."

Programs That Begin with the Letter P

Pacific Palisades

Yet another Spelling Entertainment Group drama, this time set in Pacific Palisades. It focuses on young professionals, most of whom are neighbors. Characters include: Nick and Joanne Hadley, who just moved from Michigan; Rachael, Joanne's 16 year old sister; Kate and Richard, friends of Nick and Joanne from college; Cory, a young plastic surgeon; Laura, an oversexed real estate agent who sleeps with her customers; Beth, a recent college grad who is a secretary at Richard's architecture firm and lives in Laura's guest house; Jessica, a Yale graduate at Richard's firm who just ended an affair with him; Matt, a contracter who hired Richard's firm, and killed the architect that Nick was hired to replace. Premiered April 9, 1997.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose

The adventures of high school juniors Parker Lewis and his 'best buds.' Constantly outwitting Principal Grace Musso and her special-obediance-helper Frank Lemur. His parents own a popular video store. His freshman sister Shelly is dispises him and his popularity. I think that the third season was simply titled Parker Lewis. Fall of 1990 to Summer of 1993.


Bob and Owen are friends and business partners at an architecture firm. Wehn Owen becomes engaged to Alicia, Bob begins to wonder where he fits into the relationship, and becomes the perpetual third wheel. Began September 1995.

Party Girl

Mary is a New York City party society girl, who is looked after by her god-mother Judy. When Mary needs a job she comes to work with Judy. The problem is Judy works in a library, and Mary must learn to adjust her life-style. Wanda is a brown-nosing librarian who would love to see Mary get fired. Based on the movie of the same name. Premiered September 9, 1996.

Party of Five

Drama about a family of five children whose parents are killed in a car accident, and the older siblings have to take care of the younger ones. Began September 12, 1994.


Pauly Shore is Pauly Sherman, the slacker son of hotel magnate Edward Sherman. His life is disturbed when his father brings home Dawn, an aerobics instructer Pauly's age, and announces that not only are she and her 10 year old son Zack moving in, but that they are engaged. Pauly turns to his friend Berger for help. Aired March 3, 1997 to April 7, 1997.

Peter Pan and the Pirates

Weekday cartoon about (I assume, since I never saw it) about Peter Pan. 1991?
Power Rangers Zeo
Might Morphin Power Rangers turned into this show during the Spring of 1996. Has to do with the fact the source of the Power Rangers powers changed, and so did much of the cast.

The Preston Episodes

David Alan Grier is David Preston, an English professor who wants be become a writer after his wife left him. He is forced to take a job as proofreader for Stuff Magazine. Aired September 9, 1995 to October 28, 1995.


Jim Profit is the Senior VP of Acquisitions of Grace & Gracen, who desires to move up the corporate ladder by whatever means necessary. His secretary Gail helps him implement his schemes. Joanne Meltzer, head of security and Jack Walters, President of Acquisitions, suspect his treachery, and are on his case. It turns out that Jim Profit is really Jim Stukopfsky, who set his father on fire 13 years ago, and was apparently raised in a moving box. Premiered April 8, 1996.

Programs That Begin with the Letter Q

Programs That Begin with the Letter R

Rachel Gun, R.N.

A short lived sit-com about a nurse. Ronald M. Green has this to say about it: " Rachel Gunn R.N. ran (I believe) only one season, 1991-92, and was a fairly broad comedy about the assorted eccentrics at an unnamed big-city hospital. The cast of inane and predictable characters included: Rachel Gunn, the experienced but gruff nurse who knows how to play the system; a doctor (who later got involved romantically with Gunn for a time) who cared primarily about his looks, money and cars; the orderly who was pretty much Gunn's sidekick and/or partner-in-larceny; the streetwise nun who did volunteer work in the hospital who was prone to pulling off the odd scheme of her own; and the overweight nutritionist who may be the definitive Poster Child for lacking will power. The stories were entirely predictable, and the writing was average only at the best of times. Most weeks, the high point of the episode was the catchy opening theme, "Workin' For a Livin'"."

The Reporters

Semi-sleazy one hour news journal. I think this was 1989/1990.


A loosely historical action-drama set in 400AD Ireland. Conner is the youngest son of a Celtic tribal king. When his tribe is wiped out by a rival tribe with the aid of Roman forces, only he and the royal champion Fergus survive. An ancient wizard, Galen, convinces Conner that he must unite the warring tribes against their common Roman enemy. Now he leads a small army of tribeless Celts and escaped slaves against the Roman princess Diana and her consort Casius Longinus, a 400 year old Centurian who is cursed with immortality for spearing Jesus on the cross. Conner's friends include Fergus, Catlain an escaped Celtic slave, and Tully, a young North African escaped slave. Premeired July 14, 1997.


Comedy Drama about a black family in Baltimore. Fall of 1991 to Spring 1994? Started broadcasting live during the second season I think.

Round the Twist

A live-action action weekday program produced by Children's Television Workshop of Australia. The Twist family moves from the big city to live in a lighthouse, where many bizarre and surreal events take place. Premiered July 7, 1997.

The Ruby Wax Show

Ruby Wax interviews celebrities in a quirky and spontaneous manner, which includes going shopping with them, lying in bed with them, going in the jacusi with them, and just plain having fun. The segments are taken from the British show Ruby Wax Meets.... Aired June 9 to July 7, 1997.

Programs That Begin with the Letter S

Saturday Night Special

Rosanne's experimental comedy skit program. Cast includes Jennifer Coolidge, Kathy Griffin, Warren Hutcherson, Heath Hyche, Laura Kightlinger, C.D. LaBove, Rob Rubin, and Jason Davis. Aired April 13, 1996 to May 18, 1996.

Second Chance

A guy who dies in the 21st century is sent back to the late 1980s to help shape himself as a young man. Later the title was changed to Boys will be Boys, and the show only concentrated on the teenager. Fall of 1987 to Summer 1988? Maybe more than one season, anyone know?

Shakey Ground

Matt Frewer stars as the father in this sit-com about a family. Winter 1992 to Spring 1993.

The Show

Tom Delany leaves his position as the head writer for Jay Leno, and becomes the head writer for Wilson Lee Show, a black variety comedy program. He's nervous about being seen as an outsider, the black writing staff is upset about having a white head, and Wilson who has his own entourage of yes-men finds it all amusing. Premeired March 17, 1996.


Half hour program that interviewed people who claimed to have had paranormal things happen to them. Edwin Yuen says, "Each episode delt with a certain subject which was always refered to in the title, such as SIGHTINGS: UFOs or SIGHTINGS: GHOSTS."

The Simpsons

An animated sitcom of a working class family featuring jerky dad Homer, worrying mom Marge, smart-alecky Bart, over-acheiver Lisa, and baby Maggie. Homer works in Sprigfields nuclear power plant run by Mr. Burns. Spun of from The Tracy Ulman Show. Began Christmas 1989.

The Sinbad Show

Sinbad, a bachelor video-game designer, takes in two-foster children. Fall 1993 to Summer 1994.


Quinn Mallory, a physics student opens up a gateway to alternate Earths, and due to an accident is stuck traveling between differnt realities in an attempt to get "home." He is joined by his friend Wade Wells, his Physics professor Dr. Maximillian Arturo, and "Cryin' Man" Rembrandt Brown. Began March 22, 1995.

South Central

Drama about a black family. Began winter/spring 1994.

Space: Above and Beyond

In the year 2063, Earth is threatened by an alien invasion. The show follows the "Wild Cards," the 58th Air Squadron of the US Marine Corp, an eclectic group of people who all joined the marines for a different reason.


Saturday morning cartoon version of the comic book character. Began Fall 1994?

Stand by your Man

Winter/Spring 1991. Rosie moves in with her sister-in-law who lives in a wealthy neighborhood, and the show runs of the friction between the classes. The next door neighbor is a horny middle aged rich women.

Edwin Yuen says this:

The Rosie O'Donnell show you refered to is this show. It costarred Melissa Gilbert from Little House on the Prarie fame. Gilbert's husband was a Lawyer or something while O'Donnell's husband was a auto mechanic or a biker. The point was the two extremes got together for the Land Deal scam and were caught. I saw a couple episodes.

Stickin' Around

A weekday cartoon that follows the adventures of stick figures Stacey Sticklery and her friend Bradley. Premiered August 1, 1997.

Strange Luck

Alex "Chance" Harper is the sole survivor a plane crash 26 years ago, that killed the rest of his family. Ever since then strange things happen to him, and he has the most incredibly strange luck. He has become a free-lance photographer since he always seems to be in the right place at the wrong time.


Late night games show where 2 "studs" are sent on dates with the same 3 women, and get quized about their experiences

The Sunday Comics

A Sunday night stand-up comic show. See Comic Strip Live. Winter/Spring 1991?

Super Dave

Saturday morning cartoon. Larry Virden says, "takes the Showtime character Super Dave and animates him into more crashes, etc."

Swamp Thing

Saturday morning cartoon based on the low budget films of the same name.

Programs That Begin with the Letter T

Tales from the Crypt

Enactments from the comic book. Same series on HBO, but watered-down for broadcast TV. Began December 1993.


Originally a Saturday morning cartoon, now weekdays, about the Warner Brothers' Tazmainian Devil and his antics in Australia. Features his family and many other new characters. On since 1991?

The Tick

Saturday morning cartoon based on the NEC comic book. Weird super-hero The Tick and his companion save The City from evil. Began September 1994.

Tiny Toon Adventures

Weekday cartoon about adolescent Warner Brother's cartoons going to Cartoon school where the are taught by the old WB greats.

Tom and Jerry Kids

Weekday cartoon about adolescent Tom and Jerry. On since at least 1991-3?

Too Something

Roommates and friends Donny Reeves and Eric McDougal work in the Mail room of Crown, Pink & Wagner. Donny really wants to be a photographer, while Eric wants to be a writer. They have a problem though, they won't show anyone their work. (It's all about trying to make your dreams come true.) They rent a room to Daisy, a bitter woman, and have friend Evelyn who owns a clothing store. Began Fall 1995.

Top of the Heap

A spin off from Married with Children. A lower class father has his son work at a country club so that he can meet and marry a rich girl. See also Vinnie and Bobby. April 7 to May 19, 1991.

Totally Hidden Video

A Candid Camera inspired show.

Townsend Television

Comedian-filmmaker Robert Townsend hosts this hour of skits, spoofs and musical performances. Fall of 1993.

The Tracy Ulman Show

British commedianne stars in a series of skits. The Simpsons started of here as filler between commercials and skits. Winter/Spring 1987 to 1989? Maybe 1990?


I have no idea... I think this existed sometime in Fall/Winter 1993.

Edwin Yuen says this:

The was the Robert De Niro produced story about life in NYC. There was a NYPD officer, a black father (I think was played by Laurence Fishburn) and some others. It got good reviews and FOX kept hyping the De Niro connection.
Julie Prince adds:
the info you have on Tribeca is a bit mis- leading. Laurence Fishburne was only in the first episode. Tribeca was an anthology series, focusing on different people each time. I think the black cop (not Fishburne; don't know who played him) and the owner of a coffee shop were the only recurring characters. It was pure drama. It started out very strongly with the Laurence Fishburne episode, but went somewhat downhill from there. Fall of '92 sounds right to me. It only lasted a few months.

True Colors

Sit-com about a white mother who marries a black widower dentist. The actor who played the father changed in the middle of the second season. Fall 1990 to Summer 1992.

TV Nation

Michael Moore's former NBC wacky, left-leaning documentary show moves to FOX. Now features the Corporate Crime Fighting Chicken!

Twenty-one Jump Street

Young looking undercover cops are sent into high-schools and colleges to bust young criminals. Winter 1987 to Summer 1991? Maybe 1990? I can't remember because it continued in syndication afterwards.

Programs That Begin with the Letter U

The Ultimate Challenge

I don't know

Programs That Begin with the Letter V

The Vicki Lawrence Show

After a bunch of hosts, the axing of Bob the Puppet, and other changes between August 1996 and August 1997, Fox After Breakfast was renamed to The Vicki Lawrence Show. Vicki Lawrence had been host since July 1997. The live show now features an in studio audience and comedienne Nancy Giles as announcer. Premiered August 19, 1997.

Vinnie and Bobby

A second attempt at Top of the Heap, only with more emphasis on the son and his friend, who now live in an apartment together. May 30 to July 11, 1992.

The Visitor

The military shoots down a UFO, and the only survivor is Adam McCarther, an Air Force pilot who dissapeared over the Bermuda Triangle in 1947. He claims to have been abducted by aliens, and that he stole the UFO to escape because he is on a mission, and that he must "interfere before it is too late." He has not aged since 1947, and has various abilities, touching those with whom he comes in contact. The NSA and the FBI are chasing him, but do not appeart to be cooperating with each other. Premiered September 19, 1997.


Sydny Bloom, a lineman for TelCal, using her computer made from spare parts, is able to use Virtual Reality to interface with people's minds. There is also some sort of conspiracy involving the government's use past use of VR. Began March 10, 1995.

Programs That Begin with the Letter W


A young man becomes a werewolf, and tries to find the start of the bloodline so that he can become human again. He eventually kills the one whom he thinks is the start of the bloodline, but he was wrong . . . Summer 1987 to Winter/Spring 1989?

What's So Funny?

Clips of funny / stupid things that happened in the past week on sit-coms, movies, the news, and commercials. Hosts Nick Baky and Julie Hayden. Premiered December 3, 1995.

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego

Began in either Fall of 93 or Spring of 94. Based on the Computer Game of the same name, Acme Detectives Ivy and Zack, a computer head try to outwit Carmen Sandiego.

Wild Oats

Sit-com about two roommates, a shy down to earth guy, and a casanova type. The shy one is now dating the ex-girlfriend of the other one and the fun begins... Sept 1994 to Oct 1994.

The Wilton-North Report

Two Sacramento radio hosts, Phil Cowan and Paul Robbins, hosted this show filmed on the corner of Wilton and North. Was supposed to kill Letterman. Aired 12/87 to 1/88.

Women in Prison

Sitcom about four women cellmates. One was in for fraud and was prissy, one was call girl, and I can't remember the other two. Fall 1987 to Summer 1988.


Six or seven very different people survive a nuclear war in this sit-com. Fall/Winter 1993.

World's Funniest!

James Brown hosts outtakes from news programs, sit-coms, family videos, and just about any other filmed event. Based on the previous season's popular series of specials. Premiered September 21, 1997.

Programs That Begin with the Letter X


Two FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigate bizarre cases involving aliens, mutants, ESP, and government conspiracies. Began Fall 1993.

The X-Men

Saturday morning cartoon about the X-Men. Moves to weekdays during fall of 1995. Started in the Fall of 1992. Only the first three episodes aired and then Fox put the series on hold due to production problems in Korea. The series "restarted" in January of 1993.

Programs That Begin with the Letter Y


Ross Dickinson says, "Yearbook was supposed to be something like a 'live 90210' following the exploits of a real-life high-school senior class. I remember the commercials, but I never saw the show."

Programs That Begin with the Letter Z

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