POEMS OF THE DAY by Admiral Governor Judge Mayor Senator Chief Justice Rabbi Dr. Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss Sir Private Lady Sergeant Madam Lieutenant Lord King Major Queen General President Captain Emperor Rev. Xmos, ABC, XYZ, BA, BS, MS, MA, PhD, PS, LLD, MBA, DD, DOA, Esq, MD, FAAFR, ABIM, ABFP, ANP, PAC, CPU, DDS, ScD, MBA, OTR/C, RN, Etc

HyperText Edition Version 2.0

"You can step into the same river twice,
but you cannot lead a fish to ride a bicycle"
-- Rev. Xmos

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Acknowledgements and Legal Stuff Thanks yous and sue yous...
Preface to the HyperText Edition What this is all about, and a short history of the POTD
Preface Preface to the first and second editions
The Poems The Poems of the Day
Long Poems Some longer poems
Biographies of Rev. Xmos Various and sundry contradictory biographies of Rev. Xmos
Other Essays Other stuff written about the Poems of the Day
Xmos University Find out about Xmos University
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About the Authors Some info about the real authors of the Poems of the Day

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