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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Majors

Most undergraduates in the School of Computer Science are working toward a bachelor of science degree in computer science. SCS also offers interdisciplinary majors in computer science and the arts, music and technology and computational biology.

Undergraduate Additional Majors

SCS offers additional majors in computer science, human-computer interaction, and robotics. Students wishing to earn a second, or "double," major must obtain their primary bachelor of science degree from another department (typically the Computer Science Department or Electrical and Computer Engineering).

Admissions to all bachelor of science programs are administered through the Carnegie Mellon Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Undergraduate Minors

The School of Computer Science offers eight undergraduate minors. Accepted and enrolled undergraduate students interested in a minor should contact their academic advisor for more information.

All Undergraduate Programs by Department:

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Human-Computer Interaction Institute [Department Website]
Institute for Software Research [Department Website]
Lane Center for Computational Biology [Department Website]
Language Technologies Institute [Department Website]
Machine Learning Department [Department Website]
Robotics Institute [Department Website]