Pages using the term: Systems Engineering and Architecture

Lastsort descending First Title Office Department Email Phone
Apostolopoulos Dimitrios Senior Systems Scientist; Special Faculty-Senior Researcher 205 National Robotics Engineering Center Robotics Institute (412) 681-5901
Atkeson Christopher Professor A527 Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute, Human-Computer Interaction Institute (412) 268-5544
Mowry Todd Director of Graduate Programs; Professor 9113 Gates and Hillman Centers Computer Science Department (412) 268-3725
Mutlu Onur Affiliated Faculty Collaborative Innovation Center Computer Science Department (412) 268-1186
Siewiorek Daniel Buhl University Professor of Electrical And Computer Engineering And Computer Science 4515 Newell-Simon Hall Human-Computer Interaction Institute (412) 268-2570
Simmons Reid Research Profesor; Associate Director of Education, Robotics Institute; Ph.D. Chair, Robotics Institute 3213 Newell-Simon Hall Computer Science Department, Robotics Institute (412) 268-2621
Sycara Katia Research Professor 1602D Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute (412) 268-8825
Wettergreen David Research Professor; Associate Director for Education And Director of The Ph.D. Program 2115 Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute (412) 268-5421
Whittaker William Red Fredkin University Research Professor 2109 Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute (412) 268-6559
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