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Lastsort descending First Title Office Department Email Phone
Bagnell James Associate Professor; Tenure Track Faculty 218 Smith Hall Robotics Institute (412) 681-8669
Choset Howard Professor 3205 Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute (412) 268-2495
Dias M Associate Research Professor 2105 Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute (412) 268-9365
Erdmann Michael Professor, Computer Science And Robotics 9203 Gates and Hillman Centers Robotics Institute, Computer Science Department (412) 268-7883
Kelly Alonzo Professor; Tenure Track Faculty 3209 Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute (412) 268-5330
Likhachev Maxim Assistant Research Professor; Research Track Faculty 3211 Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute (412) 268-5581
Mason Matthew Professor A521 Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute, Computer Science Department (412) 268-8804
Nourbakhsh Illah Professor; Associate Director for Faculty 3115 Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute (412) 268-2007
Sadeh-Koniecpol Norman Co-Director, Msit-Privacy Engineering Program; Director, Mba-Technology Leadership Program; Professor 5303 Wean Hall Institute for Software Research (412) 268-8144
Simmons Reid Research Profesor; Associate Director of Education, Robotics Institute; Ph.D. Chair, Robotics Institute 3213 Newell-Simon Hall Computer Science Department, Robotics Institute (412) 268-2621
Veloso Manuela M. Herbert A. Simon University Professor Of Computer Science; Courtesy Faculty Member, Robotics Institute 7002 Gates and Hillman Centers Robotics Institute, Computer Science Department (412) 268-1474
Wettergreen David Research Professor; Associate Director for Education And Director of The Ph.D. Program 2115 Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute (412) 268-5421
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