Pages using the term: Human-Robot Interaction (HRI)

Last First Title Office Department Email Phone
Cassell Justine Associate Dean for Technology Strategy & Impact; Professor 4109 Gates and Hillman Centers SCS Dean's Office, Language Technologies Institute (412) 204-6268
Forlizzi Jodi Professor 2504E Newell-Simon Hall Human-Computer Interaction Institute (412) 268-4869
Kelly Alonzo Professor; Tenure Track Faculty 3209 Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute (412) 268-5330
Kiesler Sara Hillman Professor of Human-Computer Interaction 3513 Newell-Simon Hall Human-Computer Interaction Institute (412) 268-2848
Steinfeld Aaron Associate Research Professor 4529 Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute (412) 268-6346
Sycara Katia Research Professor 1602D Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute (412) 268-8825
Wettergreen David Research Professor; Associate Director for Education And Director of The Ph.D. Program 2115 Newell-Simon Hall Robotics Institute (412) 268-5421
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