Message from the Dean

I am so excited to be returning to CMU, and very grateful for the warm welcomes from many folks. Thank you!
I want to make sure I am armed with a clear understanding of hopes, fears, aspirations, nuts-and-bolts and wild potentials for SCS from the whole group of SCS members. To try to do this mind-meld with SCS, I am going to run a sponge period, where I collect opinions and ideas.
At the end of the sponge period, I want us all to have a good sense about what strategic things we should focus on internally and externally, and I want to make sure I am armed with the information that helps me to be most effective in developing SCS's relationship with the rest of the university and the rest of the world.
I have traded ideas around how to run this period. I now have a plausible looking sketch of my first 10 weeks "dean-ing." If any SCS members are interested, I'd like to share this sponge-period sketch and seek ideas, clarifications and answer questions.
My email address is awm [atsymbol] I am genuinely looking for feedback and ideas right now, and I would welcome input and thoughts. I'm also going to be reaching out to many communities to get ideas, so let me know if there's a community you think I might be missing.
Andrew W. Moore
Dean, School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University