The Link is the magazine of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science.

Its name recognizes the pioneering work of two of the School of Computer Science's co-founders, Allen Newell and Herb Simon, who invented the use of linked-list data structures for representing complex information.

But it also serves as the link between the School of Computer Science and more than 10,000 alumni, colleagues, parents and other friends around the world.

From the Latest Issue

Still Boldly Going

Jason Togyer Friday August 07, 2009
For Rick Rashid, the voyage from Iowa to building the world's largest computer science research organization went through Carnegie MellonBy Jason Togyer(Dan Hart illustration) 

Research Notebook: The Discipline of Machine Learning

Jason Togyer Friday August 07, 2009
A scientific field is best defined by the central question it studies. In machine learning, that question is: "How can we build computer systems that automatically improve with experience, and what are the fundamental laws that govern all learning processes?" 

Alumni Director's Message: Thoughts on Giving Back

Jason Togyer Friday August 07, 2009
In this edition, SCS alumnus and Associate Dean Philip Lehman offers a perspective on giving to Carnegie Mellon. --- Tina 

Alumni Snapshot: Andrew Dubois

Jason Togyer Friday August 07, 2009
B.S., computer science, Carnegie Mellon University, 2003He's gone from checking source code to checking vendor performance. And while they wouldn't seem that similar, Andrew Dubois (CS '03) says the two fields share some common virtues. For one thing, you need to troubleshoot and uncover hidden problems in both code and contracts. 

Alumni Snapshot: David M. Steier

Jason Togyer Friday August 07, 2009
B.S., computer science, Purdue University, 1982Ph.D., computer science, Carnegie Mellon University, 1989Hollywood doesn't make flashy TV crime shows about people who develop accounting software. But as David Steier (CS'89) describes the work he and his colleagues do at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), it's clearly got many of the same elements --- it's fast-paced, involves high technology and unravels mysteries. 

SCS in the News

Jason Togyer Friday August 07, 2009
Gates delivers keynote as Qatar campus hosts ICTD 2009Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was the keynote speaker when the university's campus at Education City in Doha, Qatar, hosted the third International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development from April 17-19.