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From the latest issue:

Screenshots: FRC 25 + Red 60 =

BY Jason Togyer - Wednesday April 15, 2009
Carnegie Mellon celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Field Robotics Center and the 60th birthday of its founder, William "Red" Whittaker, during the university's Homecoming festivities. On Friday, Oct. 24, Whittaker--Fredkin Professor of Robotics, director of the Field Robotics Center, and founder of the National Robotics Engineering Consortium--delivered a free public lecture in Wean Hall entitled "Robots at Work."  

Then and Now

BY Jason Togyer - Wednesday April 15, 2009
It's early Wednesday morning, March 28, 1979, in the small towns south of Harrisburg, Pa. Suddenly, sirens are piercing the quiet and firefighters are scrambling into action. At the Three Mile Island nuclear generating station, the Metropolitan Edison Company has declared a "general emergency."The worst U.S. accident in the two-decade history of commercial nuclear power has come dangerously close to releasing a life-threatening cloud of radioactive material. 

From the Dean

BY Randy Bryant - Friday December 19, 2008
Welcome to this edition of The Link, reporting on the latest activitiesby members of the community that surrounds and has grown out of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. In this issue, we highlight the ways that computer science can spread out and be applied to many different areas of human endeavor, ranging fromscience to the arts. 

Creating the New SCS Complex

BY Jason Togyer - Friday December 19, 2008
As the Gates and Hillman buildings rise into view, the University reaches higher, too--toward a billion-dollar fundraising goal 

On Campus: Potholes, Pedestrians and Parking Lots

BY Karen Hoffmann - Friday December 19, 2008
Cars that drive themselves are certainly cool, but cars that could avoid potholes would be a godsend in a city like Pittsburgh.With the latest Collaborative Research Lab (CRL) between General Motors and Carnegie Mellon, researchers aim to refine the autonomous driving technologies that were so spectacularly put to use in Boss, winner of the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge. That competition between driverless vehicles took place over 55 miles of urban and suburban roads. 

On Campus: A Degree for Both Sides of the Brain

BY Jason Togyer - Friday December 19, 2008
When Alyssa Reuter had to choose a college, she wanted one that offeredprograms in computer science and the arts. "The one school that wasstrong in both was Carnegie Mellon," she says. But how couldshe combine her two passions? Getting undergraduate degrees from bothSCS and the College of Fine Arts--a double major--would have meant anextremely heavy workload, because the majors don't have manyoverlapping courses.