The Link is the magazine of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science.

Its name recognizes the pioneering work of two of the School of Computer Science's co-founders, Allen Newell and Herb Simon, who invented the use of linked-list data structures for representing complex information.

But it also serves as the link between the School of Computer Science and more than 10,000 alumni, colleagues, parents and other friends around the world.

From the latest issue:

A Field--and a Department--Evolve

Jason Togyer Thursday December 17, 2009
The Lane Center for Computational Biology becomes SCS's newest academic unit following a summer marked by several research milestonesBy Jason Togyer and Byron SpiceThe newest department in the School of Computer Science has already made great strides in analyzing the biological processes that control diseases such as diabetes and asthma and identifying more than 100 genes that are potential targets for new cancer therapies. 

Found in Translation

Jason Togyer Thursday December 17, 2009
InterACT helps change science fiction into science factBy Karen Hoffmann (S'04)The Thai toddler cries and cries. Her father doesn't speak any English, and the visiting American doctor barely knows a word of Thai. Still, the doctor asks, "What's wrong?" A rugged laptop computer translates and speaks the Thai words. The girl's father answers, "Her stomach hurts," and the computer repeats it in English. In this way, the doctor is able to diagnose and treat the girl's pain. 

Agents of Change

Jennifer Bails Thursday December 17, 2009
By Jennifer Bails For 20 years, the Master of Software Engineering Program has produced professionals who make an impact in their companies and the worldProducing "agents of change" sounds more like a political catchphrase than anything to do with computer science.  

We're In!

Jason Togyer Thursday December 17, 2009
Faculty, staff and students have made the big move to the Gates and Hillman centers--and may yet learn to love the Helix.By Jason Togyer They like the collaborative spaces. They like the comfy chairs. They like all the windows and the internal views and the sixth-floor patio, which turns out to be a pretty neat place from which to watch fireworks shot off elsewhere in Pittsburgh. Yet after four months in the Gates Center for Computer Science, people still aren't sure they like that Helix.  

On Campus: Web-Only Content

Jason Togyer Thursday December 17, 2009
A 230-foot-long pedestrian bridge spanning a hollow between the new Gates Center for Computer Science and the Purnell Center for the Arts on the Carnegie Mellon University campus was dedicated Friday, Oct. 30, in memory of Randy Pausch, professor of computer science, human-computer interaction and design, and author of the bestselling book "The Last Lecture." The ribbon-cutting and bridge-lighting ceremony was held in front of the Purnell Center's main entrance. 

What's in a Name?

Jason Togyer Wednesday December 16, 2009
The generosity of alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends of SCS has contributed millions of dollars toward the completion of the Gates Center for Computer Science and the Hillman Center for Future-Generation Technologies. The former was completed with the support of a $20 million gift from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, while the latter received a $10 million donation from the Henry L. Hillman Foundation.