The Link is the magazine of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science.

Its name recognizes the pioneering work of two of the School of Computer Science's co-founders, Allen Newell and Herb Simon, who invented the use of linked-list data structures for representing complex information.

But it also serves as the link between the School of Computer Science and more than 10,000 alumni, colleagues, parents and other friends around the world.

From the latest issue:

Giving Back

Mark Dorgan Friday August 12, 2011
School of Computer Science Alumni Advisory BoardThey have diverse backgrounds. Some are working in high-tech startups, while others are at well-known established corporations, and a few are educators or researchers. Some attended the School of Computer Science as an undergraduate, while others worked on graduate degrees. But no matter how they became connected to SCS or where their career paths have taken them, all of the members of the SCS Alumni Advisory Board share a passion for the School of Computer Science. 

Alumni Snapshot: Jason Crawford

Jason Togyer Tuesday August 09, 2011
B.S., computer science, Carnegie Mellon University, 2001As someone who worked for more than two years for the world's largest online Crawford might not seem like a friend to traditional stores. But that's not true at all. Crawford likes brick-and-mortar retailers: "Stores have one big advantage that the Web will never have--you can pick something up and take it out of the store the same day." 

Alumni Snapshot: Santosh Mathan

Jason Togyer Monday August 08, 2011
M.H.C.I., human-computer interaction, Carnegie Mellon University, 1996M.A., instructional science, CMU, 2000Ph.D., human-computer interaction, CMU, 2004Santosh Mathan's research includes monitoring and interpreting neurophysiological (brain and nervous system) signals using body-worn sensors. But he doesn't have one of those crazy helmets used by mad scientists in old movies, he says, laughing. 

Then and Now

Jason Togyer Saturday August 06, 2011
No other prize in the long history of technology prizes (see cover story, "Astrobotic's Race to the Moon") has as many connections into Carnegie Mellon University as the Fredkin Prize.Edward Fredkin--currently a visiting career professor of computer science at CMU--threw down the gauntlet in 1980. A pioneer in artificial intelligence and inventor of the Fredkin gate, the trie data structure and other hardware and software innovations, Fredkin promised $100,000 to the designers of the first computer that could beat a world chess champion. 

In the Loop: Bob Murphy

Jason Togyer Tuesday March 08, 2011
Robert F. Murphy is the founding director of Carnegie Mellon's Lane Center for Computational Biology and the university's Ray and Stephanie Lane Professor of Computational Biology. A graduate of Columbia University and the California Institute of Technology, he joined CMU in 1983 as an assistant professor of biological sciences. Beginning in the mid 1990s, Murphy and his team pioneered using the methods of machine learning to analyze microscope images of cellular structures.  

Cover Story: Closing the Educational Gap

Meghan Holohan Tuesday March 08, 2011
A new report co-authored at Carnegie Mellon reveals an alarming decline in computer science education in U.S. elementary, middle and high schools. Several programs developed at CMU are helping to reverse the trend. By Meghan HolohanThe boxy robot chugged across the playing field with its target in sight as its designers watched with pride.