The Link is the magazine of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science.

Its name recognizes the pioneering work of two of the School of Computer Science's co-founders, Allen Newell and Herb Simon, who invented the use of linked-list data structures for representing complex information.

But it also serves as the link between the School of Computer Science and more than 10,000 alumni, colleagues, parents and other friends around the world.

From the latest issue:

More mobility for everyone

Nick Keppler Tuesday May 24, 2016
Here is a uniquely 21st-century problem that blind people face: They hear someone say, “Hello” and retort with a “hello.” Then the first speaker trails off into what seems like a non sequitur, and the blind pedestrian awkwardly realizes he or she was answering a cell phone. “It’s a very real scenario,” says Chieko Asakawa, a researcher at IBM, who has been blind since age 14. “Often a person says ‘hi’ and I say ‘hi’ back and colleague tells me he was talking on the phone. Socialization is a very big challenge.” 

Alive, autonomous and well

Nick Keppler Tuesday May 24, 2016
In the strawberry-growing regions of California, nearly every farm displays a “help wanted” sign during harvest season. Over the years, the labor shortage across the state’s 40,000 acres of strawberry farms has been growing progressively worse. One farm would raise pay to attract laborers from the farm next door, and another would then follow, increasing labor costs in an ever-escalating wage war. Farms started making greater use of the federal H-2A agricultural guest worker program to import seasonal help from Mexico, but the process was costly and paperwork intensive. 

Life, the university and everything

Scott Fybush Tuesday May 24, 2016
If you woke up this morning and asked your Amazon Echo for a weather forecast or relied on your Nest thermostat to get your house toasty, you’re already living in the world of the “Internet of Things,” or IoT, in a way that would have been unimaginable as recently as the start of this decade. 

In the Loop: Jessica Hammer

Jason Togyer Tuesday May 24, 2016
Jessica Hammer is an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University, with a joint appointment between the Human-Computer Interaction Institute and the Entertainment Technology Center. She is a graduate of Harvard, with a B.A. in computer science, and earned a master’s of professional studies degree in interactive telecommunications at New York University and a Ph.D. in cognitive studies in education at Columbia University.  

Much more than the sum of the parts

Linda K. Schmitmeyer Tuesday May 24, 2016
I first heard the Indian legend of “The Blind Men and the Elephant” in a junior high school English class, via John Godfrey Saxe’s famous poem: It was six men of IndostanTo learning much inclined,Who went to see the Elephant(Though all of them were blind),That each by observationMight satisfy his mind. 

Then and Now: The 2,850-mile, no-hands road trip

Jason Togyer Thursday October 29, 2015
The great American road trip is a time-honored way to spend a summer vacation. During the last two weeks of July 1995, Dean Pomerleau (CS’92) and Todd Jochem (CS’93,’96) of CMU’s Robotics Institute packed their gear into a 1990 Pontiac Trans Sport minivan and took an epic, 2,850-mile journey from Pittsburgh to San Diego.