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Carnegie Mellon Computer Poker and Robot Soccer Teams Shine in Major Competitions

BY Byron Spice - Tuesday July 29, 2014
Carnegie Mellon University’s computer poker team dealt its strongest performance to date, decisively beating its competitors in Heads-Up, No-Limit Texas Hold’em at the Annual Computer Poker Competition at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) meeting in Quebec City.Meanwhile, Carnegie Mellon’s team in the annual RoboCup robot soccer competition, the winningest team in the history of RoboCup’s small-size league, had another strong outing at the world championship in João Pessoa, Brazil, though ultimately the team came in second.At the AAAI, the CMU team included... 

Gene Changes in Breast Cancer Cells Pinpointed With New Computational Method

BY Byron Spice - Thursday July 24, 2014
Computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, working with high-throughput data generated by breast cancer biologists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, have devised a computational method to determine how gene networks are rewired as normal breast cells turn malignant and as they respond to potential cancer therapy agents.This method for analyzing how genes interact with each other in laboratory-grown cells is described in a report published today by the online journal PLOS Computational Biology.The method could provide new insights into cancer and identify the most promising... 

Carnegie Mellon Will Partner With Duolingo To Evaluate English Language Certification Test

BY Byron Spice - Wednesday July 23, 2014
Carnegie Mellon University will partner with Duolingo, a CMU spinoff company that provides free online language education, to evaluate the company’s new low-cost test for certifying the English skills of college and job applicants.The Duolingo Test Center, which Duolingo launched today with the support of Google, would enable users to certify English proficiency using a mobile app for a fraction of the cost of existing language certification tests. The test eliminates the cost and inconvenience of travelling to a designated test site, takes less time to complete and provides results... 

Carnegie Mellon’s Roeder Finds Genetic Risk for Autism Stems Mostly From Common Genes

BY Shilo Rea - Tuesday July 22, 2014
Using new statistical tools, Carnegie Mellon University’s Kathryn Roeder has led an international team of researchers to discover that most of the genetic risk for autism comes from versions of genes that are common in the population rather than from rare variants or spontaneous glitches.Published in the July 20 issue of the journal “Nature Genetics,” the study found that about 52 percent of autism was traced to common genes and rarely inherited variations, with spontaneous mutations contributing a modest 2.6 percent of the total risk. The research team — from the Population-Based-Autism... 

Carnegie Mellon Combines Hundreds of Videos To Reconstruct 3D Motion

BY Byron Spice - Thursday July 17, 2014
Carnegie Mellon University researchers have developed techniques for combining the views of 480 video cameras mounted in a two-story geodesic dome to perform large-scale 3D motion reconstruction, including volleyball games, the swirl of air currents and even a cascade of confetti.                Though the research was performed in a specialized, heavily instrumented video laboratory, Yaser Sheikh, an assistant research professor of robotics who led the research team, said the techniques might eventually be applied to large-scale reconstructions of... 

16 Alumni Startups Receive Investment From Carnegie Mellon Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund

BY Byron Spice - Tuesday July 15, 2014
Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund (OFEF), administered by the Carnegie Mellon University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, has awarded $800,000 to 16 startup companies to help them grow their business ventures.The fund, established by Carnegie Mellon alumnus and Flip Video Camera creator Jonathan Kaplan and his wife Marci Glazer, provides early-stage business financing and support to alumni who have graduated from CMU within the last five years. Kaplan earned his MBA from Carnegie Mellon in 1990. The recipients constitute awardees for the... 

New Computing Cluster Traces Lineage To Los Alamos Roadrunner Supercomputer

BY Byron Spice - Monday July 14, 2014
Parts of a decommissioned Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) supercomputer have found a new home at Carnegie Mellon University, where the components are being reconfigured into a new computing cluster for use in education and research related to large-scale computer systems.                The new computing cluster, called Narwhal, is being built at CMU from 448 blade computers salvaged from Cerrillos, the smaller stablemate of what was once the world’s fastest computer, Roadrunner. In 2008, Roadrunner became the first computer to break the... 

Faloutsos Joins With Yahoo Colleagues to Uncover Fraudsters

BY Byron Spice - Thursday July 03, 2014
As a recipient of a 2014 Yahoo Faculty Research and Engagement Program (FREP) award, Computer Science Professor Christos Faloutsos will lead an effort to spot fraudsters who buy followers, pay others to post content, and otherwise manipulate trending topics and user popularity on the Tumblr microblogging site.FREP supports Internet research studies and experiments between academics and their counterparts at Yahoo. In their FREP project, Faloutsos and Alex Beutel, a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department, will collaborate with Alejandro Jaimes, director of research at Yahoo, who... 
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