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Grad programs remain at top of magazine's rankings

Monday August 18, 2014
SCS's graduate program has again been ranked No. 1 (a Best Graduate School 2015) by U.S. News and World Report, and is widely regarded as one of the best computer science programs in the world. 

Gunhee Kim Receives KDD Dissertation Award

Byron Spice Tuesday August 19, 2014
Gunhee Kim, who completed his Ph.D. in computer science last year and is now a post-doctoral researcher at Disney Research Pittsburgh, has received the 2014 SIGKDD Dissertation Award. The award, presented by the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, recognizes outstanding work by graduate students in the areas of data science, machine learning and data mining. Mladen Kolar, who earned his Ph.D. in machine learning and is now an assistant professor of econometrics and statistics at the University of Chicago, received an... 

Tech Review Names Severin Hacker to TR35 List of Innovators Under 35

Byron Spice Tuesday August 19, 2014
Severin Hacker, the co-founder of who received his Ph.D. in computer science this spring, has been named to MIT Technology Review’s annual TR35 list of outstanding innovators under the age of 35.The editors recognized Hacker for creating the online language education site, which he developed with his Ph.D. adviser, Luis von Ahn. The free education platform, which began as a research project at CMU, now offers more than 30 language courses and has more than 30 million users. Apple named Duolingo the iPhone App of the Year in 2013 and Google selected it as the Best of the Best for... 

Carnegie Mellon Developing Programming Language That Accommodates Multiple Languages in Same Program

Byron Spice Thursday August 07, 2014
PITTSBURGH—Carnegie Mellon University computer scientists have designed a way to safely use multiple programming languages within the same program, enabling programmers to use the language most appropriate for each function while guarding against code injection attacks — one of the most severe security threats in Web applications today.A research group led by Jonathan Aldrich, associate professor in the Institute for Software Research (ISR), is developing a programming language called Wyvern that makes it possible to construct programs using a variety of targeted, domain-specific languages,... 

Carnegie Mellon Photo Editing Tool Enables Object Images To Be Manipulated in 3-D

Byron Spice Tuesday August 05, 2014
PITTSBURGH—Editors of photos routinely resize objects, or move them up, down or sideways, but Carnegie Mellon University researchers are adding an extra dimension to photo editing by enabling editors to turn or flip objects any way they want, even exposing surfaces not visible in the original photograph.A chair in a photograph of a living room, for instance, can be turned around or even upside down in the photo, displaying sides of the chair that would have been hidden from the camera, yet appearing to be realistic.This three-dimensional manipulation of objects in a single, two-dimensional... 

Carnegie Mellon Computer Poker and Robot Soccer Teams Shine in Major Competitions

Byron Spice Tuesday July 29, 2014
Carnegie Mellon University’s computer poker team dealt its strongest performance to date, decisively beating its competitors in Heads-Up, No-Limit Texas Hold’em at the Annual Computer Poker Competition at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) meeting in Quebec City.Meanwhile, Carnegie Mellon’s team in the annual RoboCup robot soccer competition, the winningest team in the history of RoboCup’s small-size league, had another strong outing at the world championship in João Pessoa, Brazil, though ultimately the team came in second.At the AAAI, the CMU team included... 

Gene Changes in Breast Cancer Cells Pinpointed With New Computational Method

Byron Spice Thursday July 24, 2014
Computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, working with high-throughput data generated by breast cancer biologists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, have devised a computational method to determine how gene networks are rewired as normal breast cells turn malignant and as they respond to potential cancer therapy agents.This method for analyzing how genes interact with each other in laboratory-grown cells is described in a report published today by the online journal PLOS Computational Biology.The method could provide new insights into cancer and identify the most promising... 

Carnegie Mellon Will Partner With Duolingo To Evaluate English Language Certification Test

Byron Spice Wednesday July 23, 2014
Carnegie Mellon University will partner with Duolingo, a CMU spinoff company that provides free online language education, to evaluate the company’s new low-cost test for certifying the English skills of college and job applicants.The Duolingo Test Center, which Duolingo launched today with the support of Google, would enable users to certify English proficiency using a mobile app for a fraction of the cost of existing language certification tests. The test eliminates the cost and inconvenience of travelling to a designated test site, takes less time to complete and provides results... 
Tool Enables Object Images to Be Manipulated in 3-D
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