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Pandey Rajat Research Assistant

Pavelko Martina Adjunct Instructor Newell-Simon Hall

Perer Adam Adjunct Instructor Newell-Simon Hall

Pitts Jaron Administrative Coordinator 3526 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-8416
Pomerantz Stephanie Adjunct; Adjunct Faculty Member 2325 Collaborative Innovation Center

(412) 268-3834
Popescu Octav Research Programmer 2617 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-5476
Potter Mark Metals Mentor Newell-Simon Hall

Puglisi Justin Administrative Coordinator 3526 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-7099
Rajendra Anshu HCII Hong-Research Assistant; Teaching Assistant for Language Technologies

Rajendra Ritwik Research Assistant Newell-Simon Hall

Ramos Rojas Julian Graduate-Research Assistant 2620A Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 708-8874
Rello Sanchez Maria Luz Post Doctoral Fellow 216 407 South Craig Street

(412) 268-5476
Ries Ryan Research Administrator 3511 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-5037
Rivera Michael Graduate Research Assistant 4501 Newell-Simon Hall

Rivers Kelly Graduate-Research Assistant 3603 Newell-Simon Hall

Rodrigues Gemma Francisca Instructor - Portugal

Rose Carolyn Associate Professor 5415 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-7130
Rudresh Vishruta Research Assistant

Rummel Nikol Adjunct Assistant Professor Newell-Simon Hall

Rzeszotarski Jeffrey Graduate Research Assistant 4605 Newell-Simon Hall

Sampath Kumar Sujith Roy Visiting Intern 2502 Newell-Simon Hall

Savage Norma Visitor

Schaldenbrand Peter Intern Research Assistant 2602 Newell-Simon Hall

Sciuto Alex Graduate Research Assistant 2620C Newell-Simon Hall

Seering Joseph Graduate Research Assistant 2602B Newell-Simon Hall

Sewall Jonathan Project Director 2617 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-7185
Shannon Amy Graduate-Research Assistant 2621 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-7366
Shelly Martin Associate Director, MHCI 222 300 South Craig Street

Siewiorek Daniel Buhl University Professor of Electrical And Computer Engineering And Computer Science 3513 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-2570
Silva Jose Luis Cardoso Instructor - Portugal

Singhania Shrinkhala HCII Hong-Research Assistant Newell-Simon Hall

Stamper John Assistant Professor; Metals Capstone Director 2602D Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-9690
Stanley Jessica Administrative Coordinator 3521 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-4691
Sun Annabel Research Associate I 2609 Newell-Simon Hall

Sunshine Joshua Courtesy Systems Scientist 5317 Wean Hall

(412) 268-1097
Swaminathan Saiganesh Graduate-Research Assistant 4609 Newell-Simon Hall

Tapinsh Aleksejs Staff

Tasse Daniel Graduate-Research Assistant 2621 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-9378
Taylor Brandon Graduate-Research Assistant

(412) 268-9378
Tipper Cynthia Learnsphere Manager 2602G Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-4427
To Alexandra Graduate Research Assistant 2620C Newell-Simon Hall

Tomlein Matus Visiting Scholar 2502 Newell-Simon Hall

Tomprou Maria Project Scientist 2602L Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-6059
Tu Xin Playtest Coordinator Newell-Simon Hall

Uchidiuno Judith Graduate Research Assistant 2620C Newell-Simon Hall

Vail Alexandria Graduate-Research Assistant 4611 Newell-Simon Hall

Wagner Angela Senior User Research And Testing Specilaist 2620B Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-5473
Wahila Derek Adjunct Instructor 300 South Craig Street

Wang Jun Data Visualization Designer Newell-Simon Hall

Wang Xu Graduate-Research Assistant 4617 Newell-Simon Hall