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Last Namesort descending First Title Office Building Email Phone
MacLaren Benjamin Senior Research Programmer/Analyst 2620B Newell-Simon Hall

maclaren [atsymbol]

MacLellan Christopher Graduate Assistant 4605 Newell-Simon Hall

cmaclell [atsymbol]

Mankoff Jennifer Associate Professor 3612E Newell-Simon Hall

jmankoff [atsymbol]

Marcu Gabriela Graduate Assistant 4617 Newell-Simon Hall

gmarcu [atsymbol]

Marlow Jennifer Graduate Assistant 4617 Newell-Simon Hall

jmarlow [atsymbol]

Mascarenhas Samuel Visiting Research Scholar 2602B Newell-Simon Hall

samuelfm [at]

Masley Michelle Administrative Coordinator 3526 Newell-Simon Hall

mmasley [at]

Matsuda Rina Intern Newell-Simon Hall

rinam [at]

Matsuda Noboru Systems Scientist 2619 Newell-Simon Hall

noboru.matsuda [at]

Matsuyama Yoichi Visiting Researcher 2620C Newell-Simon Hall

yoichim [atsymbol]

McLaren Bruce Senior Systems Scientist 2602 I Newell-Simon Hall

bmclaren [at]

McLaren Patrick Research Assistant 2602H Newell-Simon Hall

dec2mclaren [at]

McLaughlin Elizabeth Scientific Technological Specialist 2620A Newell-Simon Hall

mimim [atsymbol]

McLaughlin Brittany Post Docotral Fellow 2602B Newell-Simon Hall

bdmclaug [at]

Mericli Tekin Postdoctoral Fellow 2504 Newell-Simon Hall

tekin [at]

Metsky Evan Reu Summer Intern Newell-Simon Hall

emetsky [at]

Metze Florian Assistant Research Professor 202 407 South Craig Street

fmetze [atsymbol]

Meyer Oded MHCI Remote Instructor 0000 Newell-Simon Hall

ogm [atsymbol]

Mich Jeffrey Teaching Assistant (T3) Gates and Hillman Centers

jmich [atsymbol]

Morris James Professor 6017 Gates and Hillman Centers

james.morris [atsymbol]

Mullins Zachary Reu Summer Intern Newell-Simon Hall

zxm117 [at]

Muttaraju Dhruv Summer Intern 2602 Newell-Simon Hall

dcm [atsymbol]

Myers Brad Professor 3517 Newell-Simon Hall

bam [atsymbol]