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Last First Title Office Email Phone
Jang Sung-Hwan Postdoctoral Fellow 4117 Newell-Simon Hall

sunghwaj [atsymbol]

Sanabria Teixidor Ramon Roger Research Associate I 110 Smith Hall

ramons [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Kong Chen Robotics Institute 210 Smith Hall

chenk [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Gencaga Deniz Postdoctoral Fellow 115 Smith Hall

denizg [atsymbol]

(518) 961-2037
Punosevac Predrag Systems/Software Analyst 3119 Newell-Simon Hall

predragp [atsymbol]

(412) 268-8939
Corah Micah Robotics Institute 4212 Newell-Simon Hall

micahc [atsymbol]

Rote Patti First Programs Outreach Manager 2117 Newell-Simon Hall

prote [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Otten Nathan Robotics Institute 2216 Newell-Simon Hall

ndo [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Amirpour Amraii Saman Senior System/Software Engineer

samirpou [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Zhang Ada Robotics Institute 208 Smith Hall

ajzhang [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Desai Ruta Robotics Institute 232 Smith Hall

rutad [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Kitani Kris Systems Scientist 211 Smith Hall

kkitani [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
O'Donnell Gabriel Principal Research Programmer/Analyst 4629 Newell-Simon Hall

gabrielo [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Ray Saswati Senior Research Programmer/Analyst 3124 Newell-Simon Hall

sray [atsymbol]

(412) 268-5074
Navarro-Serment Luis Senior Project Scientist 4621 Newell-Simon Hall

lenscmu [atsymbol]

(412) 268-6034
Veloso Manuela M. Herbert A. Simon University Professor Of Computer Science; Courtesy Faculty Member, Robotics Institute 7002 Gates and Hillman Centers

mmv [atsymbol]

(412) 268-1474
Siegel Mel Associate Research Professor A421 Newell-Simon Hall

mws [atsymbol]

(412) 983-2626
Choudhury Shushman Ms Student,RI 4502 Newell-Simon Hall

shushmac [atsymbol]

Shoop Maria Temporary Administrative Coordinator 2107 Newell-Simon Hall

mshoop [atsymbol]

Pumarola Albert Visitor 110 Smith Hall

apumarol [atsymbol]

Fulton Stephen Intern LL127 Collaborative Innovation Center

sfulton1 [atsymbol]

Duan Helei Graduate Research Assistant 1324 Wean Hall

hduan [atsymbol]

Keipour Azarakhsh Ms Student,RI 1200 Newell-Simon Hall

akeipour [atsymbol]

VandenBerg Cameron Senior Software Developer 5721 Gates and Hillman Centers

cmw2 [atsymbol]

Mysore Sathyendra Kanthashree Graduate Research Assistant Gates and Hillman Centers

ksathyen [atsymbol]

Zhu Linchao Visiting Research Professional

linchaoz [atsymbol]

Sinha Tanmay Graduate Research Assistant Gates and Hillman Centers

tanmays [atsymbol]

Jauhar Sujay Graduate Research Assistant 5505 Gates and Hillman Centers

sjauhar [atsymbol]

Murugesan Keerthiram Graduate Research Assistant 5505 Gates and Hillman Centers

kmuruges [atsymbol]

Smith Noah Adjunct Faculty

smithn [atsymbol]

(412) 268-4963
Correia Maria Joana Graduate Research Assistant 6609 Gates and Hillman Centers

mrcorrei [atsymbol]

Shen Qinlan Graduate Research Assistant 6405 Gates and Hillman Centers

qinlans [atsymbol]

Sloto Stephen Research Assistant Gates and Hillman Centers

ssloto1 [atsymbol]

Xu Ruochen Graduate Research Assistant Gates and Hillman Centers

ruochenx [atsymbol]

Ferschke Oliver Post Doctoral Associate 6601 Gates and Hillman Centers

oliverf [atsymbol]

Dasigi Pradeep Graduate Research Assistant 5503 Gates and Hillman Centers

pdasigi [atsymbol]

Boytsov Leonid Graduate Research Assistant 5517 Gates and Hillman Centers

lboytsov [atsymbol]

Schaich Kathleen Academic Coordinator 6719 Gates and Hillman Centers

kschaich [atsymbol]

(412) 268-4788
Ganapathiraju Madhavi Affiliated Faculty 6607 Gates and Hillman Centers

gvns [atsymbol]

(412) 268-6591
Yang Yiming Professor 6717 Gates and Hillman Centers

yiming [atsymbol]

(412) 268-1364
Nyberg Eric Director of Master of Computational Data Science Program; Professor 6715 Gates and Hillman Centers

ehn [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7281
Smythe Gareth Research Assistant

gsmythe [atsymbol]

Nakos Constantine Graduate Research Assistant

cnakos [atsymbol]

Burger Charles Administrative Coordinator 6603 Gates and Hillman Centers

charlesb [atsymbol]

(412) 268-5965
Yang Zhilin Graduate Research Assistant 5505 Gates and Hillman Centers

zhiliny [atsymbol]

Medina Maza Salvador Graduate Research Assistant Gates and Hillman Centers

salvadom [atsymbol]

Coates Corey Senior Research Assistant Gates and Hillman Centers

ccoates [atsymbol]

Fauceglia Nicolas Graduate Research Assistant 5508 Gates and Hillman Centers

nfaucegl [atsymbol]

(412) 268-6591
Wen Miaomiao Graduate Research Assistant 5511 Gates and Hillman Centers

mwen [atsymbol]

(412) 268-6591
Baker James Distinguished Career Professor 6705 Gates and Hillman Centers

jkbaker [atsymbol]

(412) 268-9859