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Last Namesort ascending First HR Title Department Room Number Building Email Phone
Cribbs Susan Internet Communications Specialist SCS Dean's Office-College 5003 Gates and Hillman Centers

cribbs [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Crawford Kevin Software Engineer SCS Computing 3207 Wean Hall

crawfkev [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Crawford Jamie Graduate Researcher Graduate Employment 0000 Newell-Simon Hall

jcrawfor [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Crary Karl Associate Professor Computer Science Department 9217 Gates and Hillman Centers

crary [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cranshaw Justin Graduate Student Assistant Institute for Software Research 4111 Wean Hall

jcransh [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cranor Lorrie Professor Institute for Software Research 2207 Collaborative Innovation Center

lorrie [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Crane Kevin Ta For Mse Institute for Software Research 300 South Craig Street

kevincra [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cowley Benjamin Graduate Assistant Machine Learning Department 9008 Gates and Hillman Centers

bcowley [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cousins Benjamin Visiting Scholar Computer Science Department 7112 Gates and Hillman Centers

bcousins615 [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Costanza Adam Student Src-Uro Research Scholar Undergraduate Employment A406 Newell-Simon Hall

acostanza [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Costa Alceu Visiting Scholar Computer Science Department 7110 Gates and Hillman Centers

alceufc [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Costa Albert Senior Robotics Engineer National Robotics Engineering Center 200 National Robotics Engineering Center

alcosta [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cosgrove Dennis Project Scientist Human Computer Interaction Institute 4007 Gates and Hillman Centers

dennisc [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cosentino Sarah Visiting Research Scholar Language Technologies Institute 205 407 South Craig Street

sarahcos [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cortina Thomas Associate Teaching Professor Computer Science Department 4117 Gates and Hillman Centers

tcortina [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Corr Charles Facilities Support Assistant National Robotics Engineering Center 100 National Robotics Engineering Center

dcorr [atsymbol] rec ~replace-with-a-dot~ ri ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Coros Stelian Assistant Professor Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

scoros [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Corbett Albert Associate Research Professor, Emeritus Human Computer Interaction Institute 3605 Newell-Simon Hall

corbett [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Corah Micah RI Summer Scholar Robotics Institute 1200 Newell-Simon Hall

mcorah [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Copetas Catherine Asst Dean Indus Rel/ Dir Spx Events Computer Science Department 6203 Gates and Hillman Centers

copetas [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cooper Rory Adjunct Faculty Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

rcooper [atsymbol] pitt ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cooper Jeffrey Teaching Assistant (T2) Undergraduate Employment Gates and Hillman Centers

jdcooper [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cooper Eric Distinguished Service Prof. of Comp.Sci. Computer Science Department 8206 Wean Hall

ecc [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cooper Yonina Associate Teaching Professor Computer Science (Qatar) 1006

yonina+ [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cooksey Philip Visitor Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

pcooksey [atsymbol] csumb ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cook Benjamin Administrative Coordinator Language Technologies Institute 5407 Gates and Hillman Centers

bcook [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cook Taylor Intern/Hear Me 101 Robotics Institute 4623 Newell-Simon Hall

tcook [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cook Keyla Administrative Coordinator Robotics Finance & Administration 3104 Newell-Simon Hall

keylac [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cook Bridget Visitor Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 4511 Newell-Simon Hall

bfcook [atsymbol] umich ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Conway Nancy Administrative Assistant Computer Science Department 7129 Gates and Hillman Centers

nlc [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Contreras Christina Administrative Assistant I Computer Science Department 7008 Gates and Hillman Centers

christina [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Constantine Larry Instructor-Portugal Human Computer Interaction Institute 000000 Newell-Simon Hall

lconstan [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Connors Steven Research Assistant Undergraduate Employment Newell-Simon Hall

scconnor [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Conley Timothy Teaching Assistant (T1) Undergraduate Employment Gates and Hillman Centers

tpconley [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cong Yidan Teaching Assistant(T1) Undergraduate Employment Gates and Hillman Centers

ycong [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cong Anqi Teaching Assistant (T1) Undergraduate Employment Gates and Hillman Centers

acong [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Coltin Brian Graduate Student Robotics Phd Program 4221 Newell-Simon Hall

bcoltin [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Collins Steve Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering 316 Scaife Hall

stevecollins [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Collins Robert Visitor Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 220 Smith Hall

rcollins [atsymbol] cse ~replace-with-a-dot~ psu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Colinjivadi Viswanathan Lavanya Graduate Research Assistant Language Technologies Institute 5404 Gates and Hillman Centers

lviswana [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Coleman Chris Procurement Specialist SCS Dean's Office-College 5206 Gates and Hillman Centers

ccoleman [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cole John Teaching Assistant (T2) Undergraduate Employment Gates and Hillman Centers

jhcole [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Coker Zack Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department 7709 Gates and Hillman Centers

zfc [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cohn Jeffrey Adjunct Faculty Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 220 Smith Hall

jeffcohn [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cohen Michael Research Assistant Computer Science Department 8109 Gates and Hillman Centers

gnurdux [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Cohen Benjamin Visitor Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

bencohen2 [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Cohen Charles Student Researcher Computational Biology - Lane Center Gates and Hillman Centers

charcoh [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cohen William Professor Machine Learning Department 8217 Gates and Hillman Centers

wcohen [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cohen Shay Visiting Adjunct Faculty Language Technologies Institute Gates and Hillman Centers

shayc [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Clute Madeleine Student Techbridgeworld Istep Intern Undergraduate Employment 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

mclute [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu