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Last Name First HR Title Department Office Buildingsort ascending Email Phone
Xiao Xuesu Research Assistant Robotics Part-Time

xuesux [atsymbol]

Dutta Subhagato Lab Intern Robotics Part-Time 235

subhagad [atsymbol]

Dai Jin Researcher Robotics Part-Time

jind [atsymbol]

Karkus Peter Staff - Contingent Robotics Part-Time

pkarkus [atsymbol]

Ugomori Nobutaka Staff - Contingent Institute for Software Research

nugomori [atsymbol]

Sagawa Ryusuke Staff - Contingent Robotics Institute

rsagawa [atsymbol]

Hetrick Andrew National Robotics Engineering Center

ahetrick [atsymbol]

Filardo Nathaniel Computer Science Department --
Khan Arbaaz Robotics Part-Time

arbaazk [atsymbol]

Abbasi Sufyan Robotics Institute

sabbasi [atsymbol]

Madaan Ratnesh Robotics Phd Program

ratneshm [atsymbol]

Donohue Conor Robotics Phd Program

cdonohue [atsymbol]

Shay Richard Graduate Assistant Institute for Software Research

rshay [atsymbol]

Wang Carol Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department

carolwan [atsymbol]

Singh Krishna Masters Student Computer Science Department

ksingh1 [atsymbol]

Nelson Erik Masters Student

enelson [atsymbol]

Pei Yulong Graduate Research Assistant Language Technologies Institute

yulongp [atsymbol]

Leighton Joshua Systems Software/Hardware Engineer Robotics Institute

joshcl [atsymbol]

Ma Yi Research Assistant Robotics Part-Time

yima [atsymbol]

Gong Jian Graduate-Hourly Research Job Robotics Part-Time

jgong1 [atsymbol]

Wang Guanqiao Visiting Scholar Computer Science Department

guanqiaw [atsymbol]

Takahashi Tsubasa Visiting Scientist Computer Science Department

tsubasat [atsymbol]

Ferreira Maria Beatriz Computer Science Department

mferreir [atsymbol]

Brooks Laura Robotics Phd Program

lbrooks1 [atsymbol]

Hartman Corinne Robotics Institute

corinneh [atsymbol]

Li Shaoyan Computer Science Department

shaoyanl [atsymbol]

Zeglin Garth Instructor/Project Scientist Robotics Phd Program 226

garthz [atsymbol]

Fecteau Robert Adjunct Instructor Institute for Software Research

robertfe [atsymbol]

Sobien Curtis Intern National Robotics Engineering Center 260

csobien [atsymbol]

Zhong Yin Teaching Assistant Robotics Phd Program 3206

yinzhong [atsymbol]

Polido Felipe Scientific / Technical Specialist Robotics Phd Program

fpolido [atsymbol]

Lermusiaux Pierre Computer Science Department

plarmusi [atsymbol]

Kosowski Mitchell Robotics Part-Time

mkosowsk [atsymbol]

Nagpal Chirag Robotics Institute

chiragnagpal_12102 [atsymbol]

Goyal Abhinav Robotics Phd Program

abhinavg [atsymbol]

Deloe Zachary National Robotics Engineering Center --
Lee Sophia Robotics Institute

sophial [atsymbol]

Fredkin Edward Distinguished Career Professor, Robotics Robotics Institute

fredkin [atsymbol]

Voysey Ian Courtesy Employee Computer Science Department

iev [atsymbol]

Shun Julian Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department 9225

jshun [atsymbol]

Shah Nisarg Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department

nkshah [atsymbol]

Frank Asa Teaching Assistant (T3) Computer Science Department

afrank [atsymbol]

Curiale Steven Adjunct Instructor Institute for Software Research

curiales [atsymbol]

Benedict Jon Adjunct Instructor

jbenedic [atsymbol]

Artemev Vasilii Visiting Short Term Scholar of The Institute For Software Research

vartemev [atsymbol]

Goncalves Camilo Junior Celso Visiting Researcher in ISR Institute for Software Research

cgoncalv [atsymbol]

Hsu David Staff - Contingent

davidh1 [atsymbol]

Silva Rui Visiting Scholar Computer Science Department

rtsilva [atsymbol]

Berger Daniel Computer Science Department

dberger1 [atsymbol]

Bhattacharya Dipayan

dbhattac [atsymbol]