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Hong Jason Associate Professor 3523 Newell-Simon Hall

jasonh [atsymbol]

(412) 268-1251
Horowitz Michael Adjunct Practicum Advisor 211 417 South Craig Street

mh11 [atsymbol]

(412) 421-2044
Horvath Samantha Robotics Institute A427 Newell-Simon Hall

shorvath [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Hota Abhijit Teaching Assistant for Computer Science

ahota [atsymbol]

Hou Jack Research Associate
Hou Kuen-Bang Graduate Research Assistant 9015 Gates and Hillman Centers

kuenbanh [atsymbol]

(412) 268-1718
Hou Yifan Ms Student,RI A519 Newell-Simon Hall

yifanh [atsymbol]

Houck Emily Research Analyst

ekennedy [atsymbol]

(916) 205-1245
Houston Dana Research Compliance Specialist 6511 Gates and Hillman Centers

dhouston [atsymbol]

(412) 268-4717
Hovy Eduard Research Professor 5723 Gates and Hillman Centers

hovy [atsymbol]

(412) 268-6592
Howarth Daniel Research Programmer 8004 Gates and Hillman Centers

dhowarth [atsymbol]

Hruschka Estevam Adjunct Faculty 8018 Gates and Hillman Centers

estevam [atsymbol]

Hsi Andrew Graduate Research Assistant 6401 Gates and Hillman Centers

ahsi [atsymbol]

(412) 268-6591
Hsiao Ming Robotics Institute 4221 Newell-Simon Hall

mhsiao [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Hsu Yen-Chia Robotics Institute LL127 Collaborative Innovation Center

yenchiah [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Hu Wenlu Graduate Research Assistant 9120 Gates and Hillman Centers

wenluh [atsymbol]

(412) 266-3778
Hu Ting-Yao Graduate Research Assistant Gates and Hillman Centers

tingyaoh [atsymbol]

Hu Hanzhang Graduate Research Assistant 8005 Gates and Hillman Centers

hanzhang [atsymbol]

Hu Humphrey Robotics Institute 2201 Newell-Simon Hall

humphreh [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Hu Renfen Visitor 4105 Newell-Simon Hall

renfenh [atsymbol]

Hu Junjie Graduate Research Assistant Gates and Hillman Centers

junjieh [atsymbol]

Hu Zhiting Graduate Research Assistant 8228 Gates and Hillman Centers

zhitingh [atsymbol]

Huang Ting-Hao Graduate Research Assistant 5515 Gates and Hillman Centers

tinghaoh [atsymbol]

(412) 268-6591
Huang Po Yao Graduate Research Assistant 7609 Gates and Hillman Centers

poyaoh [atsymbol]

Huang Binxuan Graduate Research Assistant

binxuanh [atsymbol]

Huang Dong Project Scientist 101 Smith Hall

dghuang [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Huang Linan Visitor 1200 Newell-Simon Hall

linanh [atsymbol]

Huang Yun Systems Software Engineer

yunhuang [atsymbol]

(412) 268-8464
Huber Daniel Senior Systems Scientist

dhuber [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Hudson Scott Ph.D. Program Director; Professor 3612D Newell-Simon Hall

hudson [atsymbol]

(412) 268-2429
Huerbin Robert Research Assistant Newell-Simon Hall

rhuerbin [atsymbol]

Huggins Peter Project Scientist 3119 Newell-Simon Hall

phuggins [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Huh Min-Ji Graduate Research Assistant 3127 Newell-Simon Hall

mhuh [atsymbol]

Humbert Robert Senior IT Support Consultant 3120 Wean Hall

rhumbert [atsymbol]

(412) 268-4820
Hutchings Kris IT Support Consultant 3610 Wean Hall

kris [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7208
Hutzelman Jeffrey Senior Software Engineer 3210 Wean Hall

jhutz [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7225
Hwang Jie-Eun Visitor 36 National Robotics Engineering Center

jieeunh [atsymbol]

Hyde Diana Assistant To The Department Head 7021 Gates and Hillman Centers

dhyde [atsymbol]

(412) 268-1156
Ignaczak Mark Summer Intern Research Assistant In HCII Newell-Simon Hall

mignacza [atsymbol]

Ilyin Valentin Voting Faculty 2011 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

vilyin [atsymbol]

Inotsume Hiroaki Contingent

inotsume [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Inotsume Hiroaki Research Assistant 2211 Newell-Simon Hall

inotsume [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Irvin Nicholas Research Programmer National Robotics Engineering Center

nirvin [atsymbol]

(412) 681-6900
Islam Md. Ariful Post Doctoral Fellow 9232 Gates and Hillman Centers

mdarifui [atsymbol]

Isukapati Isaac Postdoctoral Fellow 1502F Newell-Simon Hall

isaack [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Iyer Rahul Graduate Research Assistant

rahuli [atsymbol]

Jabban Tamim Teaching Assistant for Computer Science 1005 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

tjabban [atsymbol]

Jahanian Farnam Professor 609A Warner Hall

farnam [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3363
Jakkam Reddi Sashank Graduate Research Assistant 8223 Gates and Hillman Centers

sjakkamr [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3653
Jang Hye Ju Graduate Research Assistant 6401 Gates and Hillman Centers

hyejuj [atsymbol]

(412) 268-6591