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Last Name First HR Title Department Room Number Buildingsort ascending Email Phone
Pruiksma Klaas Teaching Assistant (T2) Undergraduate Employment 3 Scaife Hallirley Apartments

kpruiksm [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Chen Yi-Shiuan Teaching Assistant (T2) Undergraduate Employment 15 Scaife Hallirley Apartments

yschen [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Chakrasali Sonal Student Assistant Human Computer Interaction Institute 512A West Wing

schakras [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Katz Beth Teaching Assistant (T3) Undergraduate Employment West Wing

bkatz [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Bhavsar Malav Research Assistant Graduate Employment 3526 Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley

mhbhavsa [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Toebes Margaret Teaching Assistant Undergraduate Employment 462 Roberts Engineering Hall

mtoebes [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Balasubramaniam Prashanth Teaching Assistant (T1) Undergraduate Employment 562 Roberts Engineering Hall

pbalasu1 [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Joyner Shannon Teaching Assistant (T3) Undergraduate Employment 4011 Roberts Engineering Hall

sjoyner [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Eng Justina Teaching Assistant Undergraduate Employment 000 Margaret Morrison Apartments

justinae [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Helm Matthew Box Ofc Asst/Usher Undergraduate Employment 104 Margaret Morrison Apartments

mrhelm [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Lockwood Alexander Teaching Assistant (T3) Undergraduate Employment 128 Margaret Morrison Apartments

alockwoo [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Bucci Deanna Undergraduate Workstudy Undergraduate Employment 117 Margaret Morrison Apartments

dbucci [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Belobrajdich Joseph Service Response Work Study Undergraduate Employment 2ND FL Facilities Management Services Building

jbelobra [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Brusilovsky Peter Adjunct Associate Professor Human Computer Interaction Institute 4615 Forbes Avenue

plb [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Schultz Lawrence Senior Research Engineer Robotics Institute C114 HamerscHunt Libraryag Hall

schultz+ [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

McConachie Dale Teaching Assistant Undergraduate Employment 1115 HamerscHunt Libraryag Hall

mcconachie [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Yu Kathleen Teaching Assistant Undergraduate Employment 1112 HamerscHunt Libraryag Hall

kyu1 [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Yu Byron Assistant Professor ECE, Bme Electrical & Computer Engineering B204 HamerscHunt Libraryag Hall

byronyu [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Szabo-Wexler Elias Teaching Assistant Undergraduate Employment 1112 HamerscHunt Libraryag Hall

szabowexler [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Gao Ying Research Intern Graduate Employment 1301 HamerscHunt Libraryag Hall

yinggao [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Kapoor Neha Teaching Assistant Graduate Employment 1112 HamerscHunt Libraryag Hall

nehakapo [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Carlson Marjorie Teaching Assistant Computer Science Department 1112 HamerscHunt Libraryag Hall

marjorie [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sharma Ankur Kumar Teaching Assistant Graduate Employment 1112 HamerscHunt Libraryag Hall

ankursha [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Mehta Parth Research Assistant Human Computer Interaction Institute 1112 HamerscHunt Libraryag Hall

parthmehta [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Rohde Gustavo Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering C122 HamerscHunt Libraryag Hall

gustavor [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

O'Farrell Michael Teaching Assistant (T1) Undergraduate Employment 112 5121Morewood GardensMR

mofarrel [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Abdellatif Mohamed Teaching Assistant Computer Science (Qatar) Carnegie Mellon Qatar

tarek [atsymbol] mtlatif ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Stehlik Mark Teaching Professor/Assoc Dean For Ed Computer Science (Qatar) 2120 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

mjs [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Oflazer Kemal Teaching Professor of Computer Science Computer Science (Qatar) 1009 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

ko [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Hu Wendy Course Assistant Computer Science Department 1017 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

whu [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Rabbou Dania Teaching Assistant Computer Science (Qatar) 2062 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

dania ~replace-with-a-dot~ abed [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Voysey Ian Courtesy Employee Computer Science Department Carnegie Mellon Qatar

iev [atsymbol] qatar ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Cervesato Iliano Assoc Teaching Professor Computer Science (Qatar) 1008 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

iliano [atsymbol] qatar ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Kapoutsis Christos Assistant Teaching Professor of CS Computer Science (Qatar) 1017 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

cak [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Ilyin Valentin Associate Teaching Professor 2011 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

valentin ~replace-with-a-dot~ ilyin [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Sans Thierry Assistant Teaching Professor Computer Science (Qatar) 1019 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

tsans [atsymbol] qatar ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Razak Saquib Assistant Teaching Professor of CS Computer Science (Qatar) 1018 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

srazak [atsymbol] qatar ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Harras Khaled Associate Teaching Professor of CS Computer Science (Qatar) 1020 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

kharras [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Hammoud Mohammad Visiting Asst Professor of Comp Sci Computer Science (Qatar) 1013 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

mhh [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ pitt ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Fossati Davide Assistant Teaching Professor Computer Science (Qatar) 1007 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

dfossati [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Mohit Behrang Visiting Assistant Professor of CS Computer Science (Qatar) 1004 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

behrangm [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Sinopoli Bruno Associate Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering B30 Baker Porter Hall

brunos [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Akagawa Mirai Language Table Assistant Undergraduate Employment 139C Baker Porter Hall

makagawa [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Chen Stephanie Undergrad Researcfh Assistant Undergraduate Employment 335B Baker Porter Hall

stephanc [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Skinner Kiron Associate Professor 223F Baker Porter Hall

kskinner [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Penman William Graduate Student Assistant English 259 Baker Porter Hall

wpenman [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Kim Christine Student Assistant/Teaching Assistant(T1) Undergraduate Employment 129 Baker Porter Hall

ckim3 [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Krishnan Sairam Developer - Intern Undergraduate Employment 123K Baker Porter Hall

sbkrishn [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Lee Sang Ha Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Undergraduate Employment 340D Baker Porter Hall

sanghal [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Browne Rachel Undergraduate Research Assistant Undergraduate Employment 254C Baker Porter Hall

rlbrowne [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu