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Last Namesort ascending First HR Title Department Room Number Building Email Phone
Shashank Ketaki Student Office Assistant Undergraduate Employment 522 Morewood Gardens

kshashan [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sharma Vasu Visiting Scholar Language Technologies Institute 5508 Gates and Hillman Centers

sharma ~replace-with-a-dot~ vasu55 [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Sharma Chandramouli Summer Intern Human Computer Interaction Institute 3612 Newell-Simon Hall

sharma ~replace-with-a-dot~ cms007 [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Sharma Alok Research Associate II Robotics Institute 1609 Newell-Simon Hall

alokshar [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sharma Abhishek Teaching Assistant Institute for Software Research 300 South Craig Street

abhisharma [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sharma Rajan Visitor Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts A513 Newell-Simon Hall

catvsratrajan [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Sharma Ankur Kumar Teaching Assistant Graduate Employment 1112 HamerscHunt Libraryag Hall

ankursha [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sharma Manish Research Assistant Graduate Employment Newell-Simon Hall

manish ~replace-with-a-dot~ iimln [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Sharma Ankit Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department 7703 Gates and Hillman Centers

ankits [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sharma Karan Student Research Assistant Undergraduate Employment B520 Newell-Simon Hall

karans [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sharif Razavian Narjes Graduate Research Assistant Language Technologies Institute 6607 Gates and Hillman Centers

nsharifr [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Shapiro Evan Ta Computer Science Department Gates and Hillman Centers

eashapir [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Shankar Shivaraman Teaching Assistant Graduate Employment Gates and Hillman Centers

sshankar [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Shankar Tanmay Visitor Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts A403 Newell-Simon Hall

tanmay ~replace-with-a-dot~ shankar [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Shankar Kumar Masters Student Robotics Masters Program 4228 Newell-Simon Hall

kumarsha [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Shanefelt Dale Application/Business Process Engineer SCS Dean's Office-College 3214 Wean Hall

dales [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Shan Shiguang Visiting Scholar Language Technologies Institute Gates and Hillman Centers

sgshan [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Shamos Michael Distinguished Career Professor Language Technologies Institute 6707 Gates and Hillman Centers

shamos+ [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Shah Nisarg Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department 9009 Gates and Hillman Centers

nkshah [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Shah Pratik Teaching Assistant (T3) Graduate Employment Gates and Hillman Centers

pcshah [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Shah Rajeeva Adjunct Professor of The Practice Institute for Software Research 5325 Wean Hall

rrshah [atsymbol] nic ~replace-with-a-dot~ in

Shah Neel Research Assistant Computer Science Department 7110 Gates and Hillman Centers

neel [atsymbol] shah7 ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Shah Neil Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department 8127 Gates and Hillman Centers

nshah171 [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Shah Pranav Research Associate III Robotics Institute 1502A Newell-Simon Hall

pranavs [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Shafer Ilari Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department 2221E Collaborative Innovation Center

ishafer [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sewall Jonathan Project Director Human Computer Interaction Institute 2617 Newell-Simon Hall

sewall [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Seungchul Lee Visiting Scholar Language Technologies Institute 7509 Gates and Hillman Centers

num1ysc [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Seth Todd Research Administrator Computer Science Department 7023 Gates and Hillman Centers

toddseth [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Seshan Srinivasan Professor Computer Science Department 8123 Gates and Hillman Centers

srini [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Seshadri Vivek Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department 6211 Gates and Hillman Centers

vseshadr [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sergi-Curfman Michael NREC Commercialization Specialist National Robotics Engineering Center 280 National Robotics Engineering Center

msergi [atsymbol] rec ~replace-with-a-dot~ ri ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Seo Young-Woo Post Doctoral Researcher Electrical & Computer Engineering 2205 Collaborative Innovation Center

yseo [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sen Shayak Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department 6507 Gates and Hillman Centers

shayaks [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sellner Brennan Visitor Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

bsellner [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sellitti Pamela Assoc Dir For Facilities & Admin/NREC NREC Administration 214 National Robotics Engineering Center

ps0f [atsymbol] rec ~replace-with-a-dot~ ri ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sekar Vyas Visiting Assistant Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering 2122 Collaborative Innovation Center

vsekar [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sefer Emre Graduate Student - Computational Biology Computational Biology - Lane Center 7413 Gates and Hillman Centers

esefer [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Seegmiller Neal Graduate Student Robotics Phd Program 4207 Newell-Simon Hall

nseegmiller [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sebek Matthew Teaching Assistant (T2) Undergraduate Employment Gates and Hillman Centers

msebek [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Searock Jeremy Technical Project Manager National Robotics Engineering Center 256 National Robotics Engineering Center

jsearock [atsymbol] rec ~replace-with-a-dot~ ri ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Sciullo Allison Project Administrator National Robotics Engineering Center 253 National Robotics Engineering Center

asciullo [atsymbol] rec ~replace-with-a-dot~ ri ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Schwerin Michael Senior Research Programmer/Analyst Robotics Institute A505 Newell-Simon Hall

mbs2 [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Schwarz Julia Graduate Assistant Human Computer Interaction Institute 2612 Newell-Simon Hall

julenka [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Schwartz Daniel Graduate Research Assistant Language Technologies Institute 6407 Gates and Hillman Centers

drschwar [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Schwartz Andrew Adjunct Faculty Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

abs21+ [atsymbol] pitt ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Schwartz Russell Professor Biological Sciences 654B Mellon Institute

russells+ [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Schwartz Robin Mrsd Student Graduate Employment 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

res [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Schwartz Raz Visiting Research Scholar Human Computer Interaction Institute Newell-Simon Hall

razs [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Schultz Lawrence Senior Research Engineer Robotics Institute C114 HamerscHunt Libraryag Hall

schultz+ [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Schultz Tanja Faculty Language Technologies Institute 5404 Gates and Hillman Centers

tanjas [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu