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Last Name First HR Title Department Room Number Buildingsort ascending Email Phone
Namkung Angelina Cmutv - Creative Director Undergraduate Employment 103 UC

anamkung [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Needham Katharine Senior Business Advisor Computer Science Department 4620HNRY

kit [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Naroditsky Aline Student Assistant Undergraduate Employment

anarodit [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nicholas Greg Part-Time Non-Exempt Technical Human Computer Interaction Institute A105 300 South Craig Street

greg ~replace-with-a-dot~ nicholas [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Nallasamy Udhyakumar Graduate Research Assistant Language Technologies Institute 207 407 South Craig Street

unallasa [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nanavati Akshay Student Affairs IT Assist/Con / Ta15150 Undergraduate Employment 301 Warner Hall


Nguyen Vu Software Engineer National Robotics Engineering Center 260 National Robotics Engineering Center

vnguyen [atsymbol] rec ~replace-with-a-dot~ ri ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Novak Timothy Senior Technician NREC Part Time HGHBAY National Robotics Engineering Center

tnovak [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Neplotnik Eugene Research Associate National Robotics Engineering Center 242 National Robotics Engineering Center

gennady [atsymbol] rec ~replace-with-a-dot~ ri ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nagy Bryan NREC Commercialization Specialist National Robotics Engineering Center 282 National Robotics Engineering Center

bnagy [atsymbol] rec ~replace-with-a-dot~ ri ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nandi Manojit Teaching Assistant Undergraduate Employment Cyert Hall

mnandi [atsymbol] andrw ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nash Natalie Intern Robotics Institute 2201 Hamburg Hall

natalien [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Naik Armaghan Lane Fellow Computational Biology - Lane Center 411A Mellon Institute

awn [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nourbakhsh Illah Professor Robotics Institute 3115 Newell-Simon Hall

illah [atsymbol] ri ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nuske Stephen Senior Project Scientist Robotics Institute 1105 Newell-Simon Hall

nuske [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nabbe Bart Adjunct Faculty Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

bana [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nobrega Leonel Instructor-Portugal Human Computer Interaction Institute 000000 Newell-Simon Hall

leoneln [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Napolskikh Igor Mrsd Student Graduate Employment 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

inapolk [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nunes Nuno Instructor-Portugal Human Computer Interaction Institute 000000 Newell-Simon Hall

nunon [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nirmal Kalyana Mrsd Studetn Graduate Employment 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

knirmal [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Navarro-Serment Luis Senior Project Scientist Robotics Institute 4621 Newell-Simon Hall

lenscmu [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nisi Valentina Instructor-Portugal Human Computer Interaction Institute 000000 Newell-Simon Hall

valnisi [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nair Vivek Student Techbridgeworld Istep Intern Robotics Part-Time 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

viveknai [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nye Aaron Mrsd Student Graduate Employment 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

anye [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Ng Angela Intern Human Computer Interaction Institute 3526 Newell-Simon Hall

alng [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nakayama Junki Student Researcher Undergraduate Employment 0000 Newell-Simon Hall

jnakayam [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nakano Gaku Visitor Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

g-nakano [atsymbol] cq ~replace-with-a-dot~ jp ~replace-with-a-dot~ nec ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Nguyen Patrick Summer Research Assistant Undergraduate Employment 000 Newell-Simon Hall

phn [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Narayanan Venkatraman Graduate Student Robotics Phd Program 4222 Newell-Simon Hall

venkatrn [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nip Terence Intern Robotics Institute 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

tnip [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Noh Eun Ji Student Research Analyst Graduate Employment 3122 Newell-Simon Hall

eunjin [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nieson Genevieve Intern Teaching Assistant Robotics Institute 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

niesong [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Namdev Adit Research Assistant Undergraduate Employment HBAY Newell-Simon Hall

anamdev [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Niessl Christopher Research Programmer Robotics Institute 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

cniessl [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nelson Erik Masters Student Robotics Masters Program 4228 Newell-Simon Hall

enelson [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nagarajan Umashankar Visitor Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

umashankar [atsymbol] disneyresearch ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Nagavalli Sasanka Research Associate II Robotics Institute 1602A Newell-Simon Hall

snagaval [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nguyen Thi Thao Duyen Post Doctoral Associate Human Computer Interaction Institute 2614 Newell-Simon Hall

tdnguyen [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nikithser Michael Assistant Director Computing Facilities SCS Computing 3208 Wean Hall

nikithser [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Natour Ramsey Undergraduate Research Assistant Undergraduate Employment Wean Hall

rnatour [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nigam Kamal Adjunct Faculty Machine Learning Department 00000 Wean Hall

nigam [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Niekum Scott Postdoctoral Fellow Robotics Institute 228 Smith Hall

sniekum [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nishino Ko Visitor Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 225 Smith Hall

ko ~replace-with-a-dot~ nishino [atsymbol] drexel ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Narasimhan Srinivasa Associate Professor Robotics Institute 223 Smith Hall

srinivas [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Neiswanger William Graduate Assistant Machine Learning Department 8011 Gates and Hillman Centers

wdn [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nalla Shikhara Tutor Undergraduate Employment Gates and Hillman Centers

snalla [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nayyeri Amir Post Doctoral Fellow Computer Science Department 7125 Gates and Hillman Centers

amir [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nelson Philip Visiting Project Scientist Computer Science Department 6205 Gates and Hillman Centers

phil [atsymbol] pcnelson ~replace-with-a-dot~ net

Nakamura Yuzuko Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department 7513 Gates and Hillman Centers

ynakamur [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Nyangau Linet Systems / Software Engineer Computer Science Department 9126 Gates and Hillman Centers

kwambokaln [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com