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Last Name First HR Title Department Office Buildingsort ascending Email Phone
Koh Shu Ming Researcher Human Computer Interaction Institute 340 Facilities Management Services Building

shumingk [atsymbol]

Kapoutsis Christos Assistant Teaching Professor of CS Computer Science (Qatar) 1017 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

cak [atsymbol]

Kass Robert Professor Machine Learning Department 229H Baker Porter Hall

kass [atsymbol]

Kim Jae-Won Information Desk Attendant Human Computer Interaction Institute Baker Porter Hall

jaewonki [atsymbol]

Korn Joshua Teaching Assistant For Computer Science Department GHC

jkorn [atsymbol]

Kao Alison Teaching Assistant For Computer Science Department GHC

ackao [atsymbol]

Kaver Oreamuno Iosef Teaching Assistant For Computer Science Department GHC

ikaveror [atsymbol]

Klein Thomas Teaching Assistant For Computer Science Department Computer Science Department GHC

twklein [atsymbol]

Krishnan Vivek Teaching Assistant For Computer Science Department Computer Science Department GHC

vrkrishn [atsymbol]

Kelliher Aisling Associate Professor, HCII Adjunct Human Computer Interaction Institute 202C MMCH

aislingk [atsymbol]

Kennedy Emily Research Analyst Robotics Institute

ekennedy [atsymbol]

Karkus Peter Staff - Contingent Robotics Part-Time

pkarkus [atsymbol]

Kulkarni Chinmay Human Computer Interaction Institute

chinmayk [atsymbol]

Khatri Akshay Robotics Institute --
Kolenich Peter Adjunct Lecturer

kolenich [atsymbol]

Kane Aaron National Robotics Engineering Center

akane [atsymbol]

Kidle John Computer Science Department

jkidle [atsymbol]

Kanade Takeo U.a. and Helen Whitaker University Prof. Robotics Institute

kanade [atsymbol]

Kosowski Mitchell Robotics Part-Time

mkosowsk [atsymbol]

Kelley Susan Adjunct Instructor Human Computer Interaction Institute

skelleys [atsymbol]

Khan Arbaaz Robotics Part-Time

arbaazk [atsymbol]

Kultur Can Computer Science Department

ckultur [atsymbol]

Kotwal Alankar Shashikant Robotics Institute

alankark [atsymbol]

Krentz Timothy Robotics Phd Program

tkrentz [atsymbol]

Kassab Mohamad Visiting Scholar Institute for Software Research 300 South Craig Street

mohamadk [atsymbol]

Keeling Michael De Instructor 277 300 South Craig Street

mkeeling [atsymbol]

Kuttykrishnan Deepak Mse Ta Institute for Software Research 300 South Craig Street

dkuttykr [atsymbol]

Karthikeyan Ranithangam Akshaye Shreenithi Kirupa Human Computer Interaction Institute 300 South Craig Street

akarthik [atsymbol]

Keeling Ariana Robotics Phd Program Pittsburgh Technology Center

akeeling [atsymbol]

Krach Sebastian Visiting Researcher Language Technologies Institute 407 South Craig Street

skrach [atsymbol]

Kepple Deborah Administrative Coordinator NREC Administration 207 National Robotics Engineering Center

dkepple [atsymbol]

Kini Prathamesh Systems/Software Engineer National Robotics Engineering Center

prathamk [atsymbol]

Koontz Seth Lab Assistant NREC Part Time 229 National Robotics Engineering Center

skoontz [atsymbol]

Kelly Sean Mechanical Engineer National Robotics Engineering Center National Robotics Engineering Center

sjkelly [atsymbol]

Kaucic Jeffrey Robotics Engineer NREC Part Time 254 National Robotics Engineering Center

jkaucic [atsymbol]

Kini Prathamesh Mrsd Student National Robotics Engineering Center

pkini [atsymbol]

Ketterer James Senior Technician National Robotics Engineering Center 12 National Robotics Engineering Center

jk5n [atsymbol]

Kyriacopoulos Joanne Contracts Manager National Robotics Engineering Center 223 National Robotics Engineering Center

joannek [atsymbol]

Kmetz Brandon Robotics Engineer National Robotics Engineering Center 256 National Robotics Engineering Center

bkmetz [atsymbol]

Klein Sean Peer Tutor/Teaching Assistant Institute for Software Research B5 Cyert Hall

smklein [atsymbol]

Khosla Pradeep Dean and Philip and Marsha Dowd Prof ECE Robotics Institute 110 Scaife Hall

khosla [atsymbol]

Kauffman Linda Distinguished Service Professor Human Computer Interaction Institute Mellon Institute

lk01 [atsymbol]

Kennedy Angela Visitor Language Technologies Institute 4619 Newell-Simon Hall

ah1y [atsymbol]

Kano Yukiko Executive Assistant Robotics Institute 4127 Newell-Simon Hall

kyukiko [atsymbol]

Kong Chen Graduate Student Robotics Phd Program 4212 Newell-Simon Hall

chenk [atsymbol]

King Jennifer Graduate Student Robotics Phd Program 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

jeking [atsymbol]

Kumar Anuj Graduate Assistant Human Computer Interaction Institute 3611 Newell-Simon Hall

anujk1 [atsymbol]

Kim Sung Kyun Graduate Student Robotics Phd Program 1612A Newell-Simon Hall

sungkyuk [atsymbol]

Kramer Laurence Project Scientist Robotics Institute 1517 Newell-Simon Hall

lkramer [atsymbol]

Kusbit Gail Pslc Research Manager Human Computer Interaction Institute 2602C Newell-Simon Hall

gkusbit [atsymbol]