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Last Name First HR Title Departmentsort descending Office Building Email Phone
Glazier Thomas Graduate-Research Assistant Institute for Software Research 4130 Wean Hall

tglazier [atsymbol]

Goncalves Camilo Junior Celso Visiting Researcher in ISR Institute for Software Research

cgoncalv [atsymbol]

Garimella Praveen Visiting Scholar Institute for Software Research

praveeng [atsymbol]

Ghanavati Sepideh Visiting Research Short-Term Scholar in ISR Institute for Software Research 4201 Wean Hall

sghanava [atsymbol]

Goldstein Julie Senior Academic Coordinator Robotics Finance & Administration 3108 Newell-Simon Hall

jgolds [atsymbol]

Guisewite Alan Operations Assistant Robotics Finance & Administration 3215 Newell-Simon Hall

adg [atsymbol]

Gopal Sumitra Administrative Support/Receptionist Robotics Finance & Administration 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

sumitrag [atsymbol]

Gunyon Samuel IT Support Consultant SCS Computing Facility 4203 Gates and Hillman Centers

sgunyon [atsymbol]

Guruju Srikanth Graduate-Other Hourly Job SCS Computing Facility 3612 Wean Hall

sguruju [atsymbol]

Griger Cassondra Research Associate Psychology 2602L Newell-Simon Hall

grigercl [atsymbol]

Gochev Kalin Intern Robotics Phd Program 1612 Newell-Simon Hall

kgochev [atsymbol]

Gordon Thomas Senior Multimedia Designer NREC Part Time 215 National Robotics Engineering Center

thomasgo [atsymbol]

Girdhar Rohit Graduate Student-Contingent Robotics Masters Program 235 Smith Hall

rgirdhar [atsymbol]

Giri Ardya Dipta Graduate Student-Contingent Robotics Masters Program 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

agiri [atsymbol]

Gundapuneedi Sajjan Student Assistant/Teaching Assistant Graduate Employment REF Hunt Library

sgundapu [atsymbol]

Ghosh Pallabi Teaching Assistant Graduate Employment Gates and Hillman Centers

pallabig [atsymbol]

Gupta Niloy Graduate-Other Hourly Job Robotics Part-Time A407 Newell-Simon Hall

niloyg [atsymbol]

Gulati Varun Graduate-Other Hourly Job Robotics Part-Time 1501 Newell-Simon Hall

vgulati [atsymbol]

George Jils Graduate-Other Hourly Job Robotics Part-Time 3002 Newell-Simon Hall

jilsg [atsymbol]