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Last Name First HR Title Departmentsort ascending Office Building Email Phone
Elmaaroufi Karim Teaching Assistant (T2) Undergraduate Employment Gates and Hillman Centers

kelmaaro [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Etzel Anna Ab Tech - General Member Undergraduate Employment 103 CUC

aetzel [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Elhiraika Omer Grader Undergraduate Employment A407 Gates and Hillman Centers

oelhirai [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Eckart Benjamin Graduate Student Robotics Phd Program 4213 Newell-Simon Hall

beckart [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Eatmon Lynn IT Support Associate SCS Computing Facility 3612 Wean Hall

lynn12 [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Eppinger Jeffrey Professor of The Practice Institute for Software Research 5124 Wean Hall

eppinger [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Elsing Mona Distance Instuctor Institute for Software Research 2301 Wean Hall

mmli [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Esteves Diana Mse Ta Institute for Software Research 300 South Craig Street

desteves [atsymbol] cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Eswaran Poovammal Adjunct Faculty Institute for Software Research 269 300 South Craig Street

poovammals [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Engel Robert Electrical Engineer National Robotics Engineering Center 272 National Robotics Engineering Center

rengel [atsymbol] nrec ~replace-with-a-dot~ ri ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Early Kirstin Graduate Assistant Machine Learning Department 8011 Gates and Hillman Centers

kearly [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Eriksen Christopher RI Summer Scholar Robotics Institute 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

ceriksen [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Evans Carissa Research Assistant Robotics Institute 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

cdevans [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Enner Florian Principial Systems/Software Engineer Robotics Institute 3218 Newell-Simon Hall

ennerf [atsymbol] andrew ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Eberhardt Devontay Direct Experience Intern Robotics Institute 4623 Newell-Simon Hall

devontayeberhardt [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Estruch Tena Marc Research Associate I Robotics Institute 101 Smith Hall

marcestruchtena [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Eskenazi Maxine Principal Systems Scientist Language Technologies Institute 6413 Gates and Hillman Centers

max [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Ebtekar Aram Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department 7707 Gates and Hillman Centers

aramebtech [atsymbol] gmail ~replace-with-a-dot~ com

Everett Colleen Personnel Manager Computer Science Department 7007 Gates and Hillman Centers

everett [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Erdmann Michael Professor, Computer Science and Robotics Computer Science Department 9203 Gates and Hillman Centers


Eckhardt David Associate Teaching Professor Computer Science Department 7717 Gates and Hillman Centers

davide+ [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu

Efros Alexei Adjunct Faculty Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

efros [atsymbol] cs ~replace-with-a-dot~ cmu ~replace-with-a-dot~ edu