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Last First Title Office Email Phone
Chittenden Thomas Teaching Assistant for Computer Science Department Gates and Hillman Centers

tchitten [atsymbol]

Carbonell Jaime Director; Newell University Professor 6721 Gates and Hillman Centers

jgc [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7279
Cribbs Susan Internet Communications Specialist 5007 Gates and Hillman Centers

cribbs [atsymbol]

(412) 268-4482
Coleman Chris Procurement Specialist 4126 Gates and Hillman Centers

ccoleman [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3313
Cannanure Vikram Kamath Web Developer Gates and Hillman Centers

vkamath [atsymbol]

(412) 961-4447
Copetas Catherine Assistant Dean for Industrial Relations And Director of Special Events 6203 Gates and Hillman Centers

copetas [atsymbol]

(412) 268-8525
Chiocchi Alison Employment Processes Manager 4122 Gates and Hillman Centers

achioc [atsymbol]

(412) 268-9601
Concepcion Jeffrey Studio Research Assistant

jconcepc [atsymbol]

(412) 268-2350
Chaffin Dana Administrative Coordinator 201A National Robotics Engineering Center

dchaffin [atsymbol]

(412) 683-4052
Campoy Joan Robotics Engineer 234 National Robotics Engineering Center

jcampoy [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Chang Jonathan Robotics Engineer 232 National Robotics Engineering Center

jchang3 [atsymbol]

(559) 242-6459
Chen Eryue Teaching Assistant for Computer Science Department Gates and Hillman Centers

eryuec [atsymbol]

Chapman Peter Graduate Research Assistant

pmchapma [atsymbol]

(412) 268-8334
Choquette Michael Teaching Assistant for Computer Science Department Gates and Hillman Centers

mchoquet [atsymbol]

(412) 268-8034
Chen Zhuo Graduate Research Assistant

zhuoc [atsymbol]

(412) 268-1197
Carrasquel Jacobo Associate Teaching Professor 6019 Gates and Hillman Centers

jxc [atsymbol]

(412) 268-6729
Crane Keenan Assistant Professor

keenanc [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Contreras Christina Administrative Assistant I 7008 Gates and Hillman Centers

cc8k [atsymbol]

(412) 268-1120
Chen Daming Graduate-Research Assistant 9007 Gates and Hillman Centers

ddchen [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7228
Chrysanthis Panos Adjunct Professor 4121 Wean Hall

panos [atsymbol]

(412) 268-4751
Coblenz Michael Graduate Research Assistant 7121 Gates and Hillman Centers

mcoblenz [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7670
Carbonara Alejandro Graduate Research Assistant Gates and Hillman Centers

auc [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3043
Chaki Sagar Affiliated Researcher 5202 Software Engineering Institute

schaki [atsymbol]

(412) 268-1436
Cavallo Evan Graduate Research Assistant 6221 Gates and Hillman Centers

ecavallo [atsymbol]

Coker Zack Graduate Research Assistant 7709 Gates and Hillman Centers

zfc [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3778
Crary Karl Associate Professor 9217 Gates and Hillman Centers

crary [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7687
Caragiannis Ioannis Visiting Faculty

iannis [atsymbol]

Cavlovich Deborah Graduate Programs Manager 7117 Gates and Hillman Centers

deb [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3789
Conway Nancy Administrative Assistant 7129 Gates and Hillman Centers

nlc [atsymbol]

(412) 268-6019
Cook Benjamin Administrative Assistant II 9229 Gates and Hillman Centers

bcook [atsymbol]

(412) 268-6310
Chung Se-Joon Graduate Research Assistant

sejoonc [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7368
Cortina Thomas Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs; Associate Teaching Professor 4117 Gates and Hillman Centers

tcortina [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3514
Clarke Edmund Faculty Emeritus

ec10 [atsymbol]

(412) 268-2628
Cohen William Professor 8217 Gates and Hillman Centers

wcohen [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7664
Card Dallas Graduate Research Assistant 8009 Gates and Hillman Centers

dcard [atsymbol]

(412) 268-9625
Cowley Benjamin Graduate Research Assistant 9008 Gates and Hillman Centers

bcowley [atsymbol]

(412) 268-2000
Cavlovich Sharon Assistant To The Department Head 8215 Gates and Hillman Centers

sharonw [atsymbol]

(412) 268-5196
Cicek Abdullah Adjunct Faculty

cicek [atsymbol]

Cao-Berg Ivan E Senior Research Programmer 7601 Gates and Hillman Centers

icaoberg [atsymbol]

(412) 268-2474
Compeau Phillip Assistant Teaching Professor 7403 Gates and Hillman Centers

pcompeau [atsymbol]

Clark Michael Adjunct Instructor

mnclark [atsymbol]

(412) 268-5067
Cranor Lorrie Co-Director, Msit-Privacy Engineering Program; Professor 2207 Collaborative Innovation Center

lorrie [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7534
Caldwell Aaron Video Technician 4112 Wean Hall

aaroncal [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7695
Chen Stephanie Teaching Assistant

stephanc [atsymbol]

(412) 268-2798
Camara Moreno Javier Systems Scientist 5319 Wean Hall


(412) 268-1601
Catano Nestor Visiting Scholar

nestorc [atsymbol]

Chinna Thambi Lakshmi Adjunct Associate Teaching Professor 300 South Craig Street

lakshmic [atsymbol]

Chordia Lalit Project Collaborator

chordia [atsymbol]

Caldeira Neves Pedro Filipe Visiting Researcher 4203 Wean Hall

pcaldeir [atsymbol]

Carley Kathleen Professor 5130 Wean Hall

carley [atsymbol]

(412) 268-6016