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Last Namesort descending First HR Title Department Office Building Email Phone
Anderson Jon Extern NREC Part Time 37 National Robotics Engineering Center

jonjake [atsymbol]

Anderson Aaron Masters Student Robotics Masters Program 4228 Newell-Simon Hall

aaanders [atsymbol]

Anderson Ann Visiting Lecturer Computer Science Department 6025 Gates and Hillman Centers

annpenny [atsymbol]

Andonov Aleksandar Language Technologies Institute 407 South Craig Street

aandonov [atsymbol]

Angiuli Carlo Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department 9227 Gates and Hillman Centers

cangiuli [atsymbol]

Anhalt Joshua Research Programmer National Robotics Engineering Center 292 National Robotics Engineering Center

anhalt [atsymbol]

Ansari Sameer Mrsd Student Robotics Masters Program 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

sameera [atsymbol]

Antanitis John Temp. Part-Time Research Assistant Human Computer Interaction Institute A105 300 South Craig Street

jantanit [atsymbol]

Antonova Rika Masters Student Robotics Masters Program 4228

rantonov [atsymbol]

Antony Jose Teaching Assistant SCS Computing Facility 1000 Hamburg Hall

jantony [atsymbol]

Apostolopoulos Dimitrios Senior Systems Scientist National Robotics Engineering Center 205 National Robotics Engineering Center

da1v [atsymbol]

Appasamy Sonia NREC Part Time --
Araki Jun Graduate Research Assistant Language Technologies Institute 6713 Gates and Hillman Centers

jaraki [atsymbol]

Araujo Gabriela Robotics Part-Time

garaujo [atsymbol]

Armstrong Greg Senior Research Technician Robotics Institute 3206 Newell-Simon Hall

roboman [atsymbol]

Arnett Daniel Robotics Institute --
Arora Sankalp Masters Student Robotics Phd Program 2102 Newell-Simon Hall

asankalp [atsymbol]

Arslan Hasan Sait

harslan [atsymbol]

Artemev Vasilii Visiting Short Term Scholar of The Institute For Software Research

vartemev [atsymbol]

Arthur James Technical Program Manager National Robotics Engineering Center 220 National Robotics Engineering Center

jamesart [atsymbol]

Arulraj Joy James Graduate Assistant Computer Science Department 6008 Gates and Hillman Centers

jarulraj [atsymbol]

Arvind Achal Masters Student Robotics Masters Program 4228 Newell-Simon Hall

aarvind [atsymbol]

Asakawa Chieko Ibm Distinguished Service Professor Robotics Visitors & Adjuncts 4523 Newell-Simon Hall

chiekoa [atsymbol]

Astudillo Ramon Language Technologies Institute Gates and Hillman Centers

rastudil [atsymbol]

Atkeson Christopher Professor Human Computer Interaction Institute A527 Newell-Simon Hall

cga [atsymbol]

Au Alyssa Student Researcher in ISR-Sadeh Group Institute for Software Research 4111 Wean Hall

alyssaa [atsymbol]

Auld Elizabeth Financial Analyst Computer Science Department 7027 Gates and Hillman Centers

eauld [atsymbol]

Austin Jessica Masters Student Robotics Masters Program 4228 Newell-Simon Hall

jaustin [atsymbol]

Avrunin Eleanor Graduate Student Robotics Phd Program 4207 Newell-Simon Hall

eavrunin [atsymbol]

Axelrod Brian Intern NREC Part Time 247 National Robotics Engineering Center

baxelrod [atsymbol]

Ayvali Elif Postdoctoral Fellow Robotics Institute 3218 Newell-Simon Hall

elifa [atsymbol]

Azad Ruhan Adjunct Associate Teaching Professor Institute for Software Research 300 South Craig Street

ruhana [atsymbol]

Azaria Amos Post Doc Machine Learning Department 8114 Gates and Hillman Centers

amos [atsymbol]

Azizyan Martin Graduate Assistant Machine Learning Department 8015 Gates and Hillman Centers

mazizyan [atsymbol]