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   This manual documents the W3 World Wide Web browser, a Lisp program
which runs as a subsystem under Emacs.  The manual is divided into the
following chapters.

* Introduction
What exactly is W3?
* Setting Up
How to set up and install W3.
* Basic Usage
Basic movement and usage of W3.
* Compatibility w/Mosaic
Explanation of how W3 is compatible with NCSA Mosaic for Xwindows.
* Controlling Formatting
How to control how W3 formats lists, paragraphs, links, etc.
* HTTP/1.0 Support
A detailed explanation of the HTTP/1.0 and MIME support in W3.
* Advanced Features
Some of the more arcane features.
* More Help
How to get more help - mailing lists, newsgroups, etc
* Future Directions
What is planned for future revisions of W3
* Programming Interface
How to use w3 from your own programs.
* Concept Index
Concept Index
* Key Index
Menus of command keys and their references
* Command Index
Menus of commands and their references
* Variable Index
Menus of variables and their references

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