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   This manual documents the VM mail reader, a Lisp program which runs
as a subsystem under Emacs.  The manual is divided into the following

* Introduction
Overview of the VM interface.
* Starting Up
What happens when your start VM.
* Selecting Messages
How to select messages for reading.
* Reading Messages
Previewing and paging through a message.
* Sending Messages
How to send messages from within VM.
* Saving Messages
How to save messages.
* Deleting Messages
How to delete, undelete and expunge messages
* Editing Messages
How to alter the text and headers of a message.
* Message Marks
Running VM commands on arbitrary subsets of messages.
* Undoing
How to undo changes to message attributes.
* Grouping Messages
How to make VM present similar message together.
* Reading Digests
How to read digests under VM.
* Summaries
How to view and customize the summary of a folder.
* Miscellaneous
Various customization variables undescribed elsewhere.

* Key Index
Menus of command keys and their references.
* Command Index
Menus of commands and their references.
* Variable Index
Menus of variables and their references.

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